17 April 2008

Trials and Tribulations are but from Allah

Have you ever experienced that what you are going through or had gone through are actually trials and tribulations from the Almighty Creator-Allah.

These trials and tribulations that one undergo comes in many unexpected ways. Well, maybe not so unexpected! Sometimes one hear an inner voice talking like, "what if something like this or like that ever happens to me?" Then there is also another inner voice that says, "Oh! if it happens to be I will take this sort of action or that sort of action, but a final voice would say that "oh! I can overcome it easily or I will go through it unscathed".

But when the inevitable happens, we feel as though our peaceful slumber rudely awaken and we feel depressed, despondent, the world is crashing down on us, feeling of drowning and not able to breathe. Suddenly we realize how weak these so-called homo sapiens are.

Mankind become so vulnerable that sometimes not realizing our actions tend to contradict what our inner voices have been talking all these while. Being ignorant, these trials and tribulations if treated as mere consequential circumstances and not checked will leave us broken, bitter, vengeful, and so on and so on and so on.

Trials and Tribulations comes in many ways, such as:

(i) Loss of loved ones.

(ii) Lost of property-theft, fire, flood.

(iii) Burdened with lots of problems eg. Finance, family, in-laws, business or relationships gone sour

(iv) Diagnosed with terminal disease.

(v) Loss of limbs, sight, hearing due to accidents, sickness.

(vi) Loss of beauty, status.

If ever you are confronted with any of the above do not seek human help but seek Allah our Creator our Friend our Helper and you will find an inner strength one that you yourself will not know that you actually had it in the first place.

To be continued.............

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