26 April 2008

Pak Lah's faux pas

1. Economy

Although Pak Lah furnished fantastic statistics and economic numbers, the rakyat still feel the pinch of a bad economy. Prices of goods are escalating out of control, new jobs are hard to find, businessmen complained about bad business, people going bankrupt and many are out of jobs.

2. Islam Hadhari

This is not a new concept and is already inherent in Islam. By giving a new name, Pak Lah is trying to promote a new islamic concept. This doesn't go well with Muslims.

3. Khairy Jamaluddin

He is ambitious, arrogant and his influence is everywhere. By dropping PM's name, he is stepping on many feet and making enemies along the way. He has become a liability to Pak Lah.

4. Choosing Ministers without caliber

Zam, Tengku Adnan, Aziz Shamsuddin, Nor Mohamed Yakcob, Azalina and many others doesn't have a clue as how to run their ministries.

5. Bad implementation of RM 9

We are coming to RM 9 mid term review, but very few projects are on the ground. Mini emperors among top civil servants are still there.

6. Bad handling of MB's appointment

He did not tackle the problems in the appointment of Perlis and Trengganu's MB rationally. In the end he had to swallow his own words.

7. Cronies unlimited

ECM libra, Scomi, Monsoon cup, Myteam, Equine Capital etc tarnished his clean image.

8. Feud with Mahathir

The feud with Mahathir went out of control. This issue should have been settled behind the scene and not in the public eye. He did not handle this well.

9. Bad leadership

Infighting among Ministers were condone. Warlords were thriving and creating havoc in Umno. There were no efforts by the leadership to control them. Pak Lah doesn't seems to grasp prevailing issues and let Ministers make blunders. Pictures of him sleeping on the job create negative image.

Overall, he does not have the capacity and capability to be a good leader.

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