23 April 2008

Boleh caya ke Pak Lah?

The in thing now is Commission, Commission and Commission. Haven't we heard that word before. IPCMC (Independent Police Complains and Misconduct Commission) has yet to see the light of the day. Last week Pak Lah proposes the Judiciary Commission and yesterday the ACA Commission. The ACA Commission is supposedly to be independent but is answerable to the PM.

Pak Lah says:
"There's always a minister, anywhere in the world, responsible for any institution set up. And I will be responsible for the institution".

How can the ACA be independent when they have to answer to some individual? Why can't it be independent, answerable and responsible to a Select Parliamentary Committee? What is so difficult about that, unless he has some skeleton hidden in his wardrobe? This is Mr Bean's stuffs.

For the Judiciary Commission, they can propose a judge's name to the PM. The PM decides to accept or reject it. What crap. We don't need an individual deciding something so paramount in the judiciary. That is the bygone day era of Mahathir.

The police rejected IPCMC and we have not heard about it since. What right have the police to reject a commission that monitors their etiquette and decorum?

By creating all these Commission half heartedly, Pak Lah is trying to divert our attention from all the problems that is confronting him now? That man is clueless. Can the 4th floor jokers propose something better, rather than making some stupid jokes?. They might as well join the SENARIO gang!!!

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