17 April 2008

The pot calling the kettle black

Many were born and bred during Mahathir's era. Ask any Leng Chai whether they know Mahathir and you will surely get an affirmative answer, but not many know Pak Lah. Good or bad, he has left a lasting legacy in Malaysia's annal. He has been called so many names, mahafiraun, draconian, mamak, anti semitic, dictator and tyrant but the fact is, he still remains popular among Malaysians.

Who can forget:

  • The many cronies born out of wedlock with their gravy trails.
  • Money politics thriving in UMNO
  • Operasi lallang, ISA and OSA fully utilised
  • The Sultans losing their immunity and becoming mere rubber stamps
  • Problems in the judiciary
  • Wasteful mega projects
  • The rise of Ali Baba and greedy malay businessmen
  • Spat with the West
  • Using the big stick towards opponent to tow the line
Now he is singing a different tune. It seems his heart operation has given him a new breath of life. Not contented with life in the slow lane, he has come out as fiery as ever, shooting from the hip. To him Pak Lah is public enemy number one. Nothing will stop him from demonising Pak Lah. He is now asking Pak Lah to undo things that were started by him years ago. It seems whatever Pak Lah does is a disaster, although he is only continuing with policies he inherited.

Isn't the pot calling the kettle black?

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