29 April 2008

Happy Hours

Gambar : dari Rocky's Bru

Adakah ini orang orang pemangkin Islam Hadhari?
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Ku Li and UMNO

Tengku Razaleigh once said,

"Umno is a party which encourages money politics or is an entity which is ‘rich at the top and poor at the bottom".

It’s a party which is corrupt, infested with ‘buaya darat’ (crocodiles) and ‘yu-yu laut’ (sharks) who have no qualms about sweeping up and swallowing projects and government contracts as well as the rights of the poor of all races. This image, is hated by all races, not only the Malays".

That really sums it all.

Anwar to contest in Kuala Kangsar?

rafidah azizThe Kuala Kangsar seat is currently held by Umno Wanita chief Rafidah Aziz. It is widely expected that her victory will be disputed through an election petition as her opponent had complained that Rafidah had not complied with election laws by signing certain documents. If the court decides that Rafidah's win is null and void, a by election will see Anwar contesting the seat. We will see the full weight of BN's machinery looming down on KK. It will surely be a battle royal with many political parties joining the fray.

Pressed on these issues today, Anwar quipped: "I am back already... There is the possibility of (contesting in) Kuala Kangsar and some other seats, I will discuss with the Opposition Leader."

Ibrahim Ali and the Katak Syndrome

When voting for the Parliament Deputy Speaker was completed yesterday, only 81 out of 82 PR MPs voted for Dr Tan Seng Giaw. Oppositions singled out PAS MP from Pasir Mas , Ibrahim Ali as the culprit. This failure of solidarity will hamper the opposition's effort to wrest over the Federal government in the coming months. PR should rethink and do more probability calculations, as having 30 MPs in their pocket might not be good enough to put up a no confidence vote in Parliament.

Having a simple majority with a razor thin margin is no way to rule a country. Anything can happen; when money talks, bullshit walks and principles go down the drain. PAS did a serious political misjudgment when they appointed Ibrahim Ali as their candidate for Pasir Mas in PUR12. PAS leaders committed a cardinal sin by not listening to grassroots dissatisfaction on his appointment. He is the only PAS MP who does not embrace the Islamic political principle of PAS.

Ibrahim Ali is known as a man having no political back bone. He was Mahathir's Chief Whip when he was in UMNO. Who hasn't heard his slinging match with Anwar defending Mahathir, recorded secretly during his last days with TDM? He then bad mouthed TDM after being kicked out of UMNO . He was released early during Operation Lallang because he willingly adhered to all conditions imposed by SB. His spirit was so easily broken after only a few hours of interrogations by SB. This is the sort of man Ibrahim Ali Al Kataki is made of.

PAS should kick Ibrahim Ali out of the party as soon as possible. He has become a liability to PAS and PR. I am not surprised if he lompat katak to UMNO again, although he is banned for life because UMNO is in dire state where any fools can jump in to make the numbers.

Then again, Politic is the art of the impossible.

28 April 2008

Miracles of the Quran - Two Rivers

Photos are of the two rivers flowing in the southern part of Cape Town, South Africa.
These two rivers flow together and finally settle down in the Ocean. There is a distinct boundary between these rivers which stops them from mixing together.

Surah Ar Rahman (55) ayat 19&20 :
'He has let free the two seas meeting together, between them is a barrier which they do not transgress'

27 April 2008

This stinks to high heaven

Rm 10m transfered out from Balkis (Association of Wives of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor) bank account to Bakti (federal Organisation of Wives of Ministers) a few days after PR take over of Selangor. What right has Khir Toyo's wife to dissolve Balkis and remove the Rm 10m?

Since Khir Toyo is no longer MB, the wife is no longer president of Balkis and has no power whatsoever to dissolve the association and liquidate its fund.

What if PR take over the federal government in the near future and where will the fund move to then?

26 April 2008


For those who hasn't heard about the Asus EEE PC, you must have been hiding in a cave the last few months. EEE PC is a very small machine, define as an UMPC-Ultra Portable Personal Computer weighing less than 1 kg and the size of a paper back novel.

It is in the rave now because of its revolutionary design and its small form factor. It is a machine meant for those on the move and you can even slot it in a lady's hand bag.

It booted up within 10 second and comes with the free Linux Xandros OS. This is a far cry from the usual Windows which is resource hungry and very slow in booting up. To be fair, you can't compare EEE PC performance with other expensive laptops as their price are a few times dearer. For normal routine work, EEE PC's performance is respectable and its beauty lies in its simplicity.

With a low price of RM 1299, it is very affordable. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, 1000 EEE PC was snapped up within 5 minutes of its official launching. So far one million EEE PC were sold worldwide last month. You can sign up with a wireless broadband and surf the internet on the road. So folks, get it before it runs dry.

No, I am not an Asus dealer. I am just another gadget geek.

Pak Lah's faux pas

1. Economy

Although Pak Lah furnished fantastic statistics and economic numbers, the rakyat still feel the pinch of a bad economy. Prices of goods are escalating out of control, new jobs are hard to find, businessmen complained about bad business, people going bankrupt and many are out of jobs.

2. Islam Hadhari

This is not a new concept and is already inherent in Islam. By giving a new name, Pak Lah is trying to promote a new islamic concept. This doesn't go well with Muslims.

3. Khairy Jamaluddin

He is ambitious, arrogant and his influence is everywhere. By dropping PM's name, he is stepping on many feet and making enemies along the way. He has become a liability to Pak Lah.

4. Choosing Ministers without caliber

Zam, Tengku Adnan, Aziz Shamsuddin, Nor Mohamed Yakcob, Azalina and many others doesn't have a clue as how to run their ministries.

5. Bad implementation of RM 9

We are coming to RM 9 mid term review, but very few projects are on the ground. Mini emperors among top civil servants are still there.

6. Bad handling of MB's appointment

He did not tackle the problems in the appointment of Perlis and Trengganu's MB rationally. In the end he had to swallow his own words.

7. Cronies unlimited

ECM libra, Scomi, Monsoon cup, Myteam, Equine Capital etc tarnished his clean image.

8. Feud with Mahathir

The feud with Mahathir went out of control. This issue should have been settled behind the scene and not in the public eye. He did not handle this well.

9. Bad leadership

Infighting among Ministers were condone. Warlords were thriving and creating havoc in Umno. There were no efforts by the leadership to control them. Pak Lah doesn't seems to grasp prevailing issues and let Ministers make blunders. Pictures of him sleeping on the job create negative image.

Overall, he does not have the capacity and capability to be a good leader.

25 April 2008

Dr Wan Azizah for PM. Why not?

Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is willing to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

She says in Petaling Jaya today,

“Saya bersedia, insya Allah. Ini kejutan baru kepada saya.

“Saya menyertai gelanggang politik (pun) secara mengejut, saya menjadi ketua pembangkang (pun) secara mengejut”."


* Clean and no baggage like the rest
* Credible and trustworthy
* Motherly figure and accepted by all
* Neither skeletons hidden in her closet nor worms in woodwork


* might not be agreeable to some Muslims for a woman PM
* Inexperience
* may be a proxy PM for Anwar

Many among us are fed up with all the bickering between wanna be macho males, TDM, Pak Lah, DSAI, LKS, Karpal and other clowns. A woman PM would be a nice change to the political theatre in this country. What Malaysia need is a new hope and a new beginning. She could provide the missing link in our political puzzle. A breath of fresh air and a new outlook for this country.

Dr Wan Azizah for PM, why not?

24 April 2008

Anwar's political bluff

Since the last few months PR's politicians has been hinting crossover of BN's MPs to PR. They say this katak lompat scenario will topple the BN government and make them the new king of politics in Malaysia. Most die hard PR supporters are so confident that Anwar will be PM before end of this year. There is an air of invincibility and a feeling of deja vu among them. Even their walk has an air of spring in them but whatever it is, political pundits think this is all wishful thinking.

Lets see the facts:
  • PR needs another 30 MPs for a simple majority to overturn BN
  • Sabah and Sarawak has 55 MPs to offer. It's unlikely any crossover from West Malaysia
  • There must be great incentives for them to crossover. Talk of 20% oil royalties and DPM post has been mentioned
If PR has the 30 MPs in their pocket, how will the power grab done? Off course the first strategy is to put up a vote of no confidence from 82 PR MPs during Parliament's first session. The 30 BN MPs will join them and then jump ship.

BN can also put up first a new law banning lompat katak (doing an ibrahim ali, so to speak). Changing a constitution takes time and many procedures in Parliament. BN MPs surely will not be happy if such back door maneuvering is done in Parliament and for them losing power undemocratically. Heck, a state of emergency might be declared too.

So, it is not that easy to grab power using the back door way. It is extremely complex and outright dangerous. The 50% odd rakyat who voted BN will not like it either. A disgruntle person can do unthinkable things.

Why don't PR take over the government using the proper channel in PUR13 year 2012?

Can they wait that long?

Zuhud's life

Subject: The Life of Iranian President Ahmedi Nijad

The Fox News TV (USA) asked the Iranian President Ahmedi Nijad;

'When you look into the mirror in the morning what do you say to yourself'?

He answered: I see the person in the mirror and tell him 'Remember,
you are no more than a small servant, ahead of you today is the heavy
responsibility, and that is to serve the Iranian nation'.

Ahmedi Nijad, the Iranian President who astonished many when he first
reached to the office of the Presidency by donating all the high valued
Iranian carpets to one of the mosques in Tehran by replacing them with the
low cost ordinary carpets.

He observed that there was a huge extravagant lounge for receiving and
welcoming the VIPs and he ordered it to be closed and asked the protocol
office to arrange for an ordinary room only with the wooden chairs.

On many instances he joins the cleaning staff of the municipality
for cleaning the streets in the area where his home and the Presidency are

Under his authority whenever he appoints any minister to his post he
gets a signed document from him with many points, particularly
highlighting that he shall remain poor and that his personal and his
relatives accounts will be watched and the day he leaves the ministry
shall be with dignity, and therefore it is not lawful for him or his
relatives to take any advantage of his office.

First of all he declared himself for all the 'Big' wealth and the
property he owned was a Peugeot 504 car, model 1977, an old small
house inherited from his father 40-years ago in one of the poorest
zones in Tehran . His accounts with a zero balance and the only money
comes in to his a/c was from his salary from the university as a
lecturer with an amount of US$ 250 only.

For your information the President still lives in that same house. This is
all what he owns; the president of one of the world's important countries;
strategically, economically, politically and with regard to its oil and

He even doesn't take his personal salary with the argument that all the
wealth belongs to the nation and he is the safeguard over it.

One of the things that impressed the staff at the presidency is the bag
the President brings with him every day, which contains his breakfast;
some sandwiches or bread with olive oil and cheese prepared by his
wife and eats and enjoys it with all happiness.

One of the other things he changed was his personal carrier 'the
President's Aircraft' to a cargo aircraft in order to save the
spending from the public treasury and he ordered that he will be
flying with the ordinary airline in the economy class.

He organizes meetings every now and then with all the ministers to know
their activities and efficiency and he closed down the office of the
Manager of the president and any minister can enter to his office without
any permission. He also stopped the welcome ceremonies like the red
carpet, the photo session or any personal advertisement or respect of
any kind while visiting any place in the country.

Whenever he has to stay in any of the hotels he asks them to make sure not
to give him a room with any big bed because he doesn't like to sleep on
beds but rather likes to sleep on the floor on a simple mattress with a

Refer to some of the photographs which also confirm the above.

The Iranian president is sleeping in the guest room of his house after
getting away from his special guards who follow him wherever he goes and
photo is taken by his small brother according to the Wifaq Newspaper which
published this photo and the next day the photo was published in most of
the world's newspapers and magazines and particularly the Americans.

During the prayer you can see that he is not sitting in the first row.

Right pic, Musharraf's gleaming palace & lavish lifestyle
Left pic, Ahmadinejad 'the simple life'

Pakatan Rakyat to take over Govt. by Sept 16th???

'KOTA KINABALU, April 23 — By Malaysia Day, Pakatan Rakyat will form the new government. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today said that he expected the crossover of Barisan Nasional MPs to take place before Sept 16. This was the first time that the defacto leader of the Opposition alliance has put a deadline to the collapse of the Abdullah administration. His choice of Malaysia Day is interesting given that today’s press conference was in Kota Kinabalu and he is due to visit Kuching soon. The people of Sabah and Sarawak have a special attachment for Sept 16 – the day they became part of Malaysia.'

Well, I bet this news will probably not be in the Nst or Star today. Anwar made this gambit at Kota Kinabalu yesterday before leaving Kuching for another 'fishing' trip. By putting a 'date' for him to grasp power, Anwar is playing a big political gamble. What if Sept 16th comes and goes without any incident? People will question his credibility and political strategy.

Knowing Anwar, he is just rattling the big UMNO machinery. It is akin to Anwar shaking a big durian tree. By putting a date, the Umno dinosaurs will put more pressure on Pak Lah to go earlier. This will create uneasiness, infighting and instability among UMNO camps. Those with Pak Lah will surely fight back and those with anti Pak Lah camp and TDM, will step up a notch pressing him to step down. All these will weaken UMNO, and this will be one good reason for the component parties in Sabah and Sarawak to jump ship. We have seen all PBS MPs jumping ship before and it is not impossible for it to happen again if there are good valid reasons.

I am waiting anxiously for 16th September 2008.

23 April 2008

Man in the news at Brickfields

Randy Jay Jay (?)

Boleh caya ke Pak Lah?

The in thing now is Commission, Commission and Commission. Haven't we heard that word before. IPCMC (Independent Police Complains and Misconduct Commission) has yet to see the light of the day. Last week Pak Lah proposes the Judiciary Commission and yesterday the ACA Commission. The ACA Commission is supposedly to be independent but is answerable to the PM.

Pak Lah says:
"There's always a minister, anywhere in the world, responsible for any institution set up. And I will be responsible for the institution".

How can the ACA be independent when they have to answer to some individual? Why can't it be independent, answerable and responsible to a Select Parliamentary Committee? What is so difficult about that, unless he has some skeleton hidden in his wardrobe? This is Mr Bean's stuffs.

For the Judiciary Commission, they can propose a judge's name to the PM. The PM decides to accept or reject it. What crap. We don't need an individual deciding something so paramount in the judiciary. That is the bygone day era of Mahathir.

The police rejected IPCMC and we have not heard about it since. What right have the police to reject a commission that monitors their etiquette and decorum?

By creating all these Commission half heartedly, Pak Lah is trying to divert our attention from all the problems that is confronting him now? That man is clueless. Can the 4th floor jokers propose something better, rather than making some stupid jokes?. They might as well join the SENARIO gang!!!

22 April 2008

Is Pak Lah stealing Anwar's thunder?

Kita disogokkan dengan beberapa reforms didalam minggu ini oleh Pak Lah. PM nampaknya mula menunaikan beberapa manifesto yang dijanjikan oleh PR didalam PUR12. Selama 4 tahun beliau lena tanpa menghiraukan janji janji manis PUR11 tahun 2004. Sekarang beliau telah dikejutkan oleh rakyat, kerana rakyat tidak mudah lupa sumpah PUR11 itu.

  • Reform kepada judisiari akan dilaksanakan dengan langkah pertama memohon maaf kepada Tun Salleh Abbas dan hakim hakim lain yang telah dianiayai.
  • BPR akan diletakkan dibawah kuasa Parlimen agar lebih efektif.
  • Tender akan dilaksanakan secara tawaran terbuka.
  • Kebenaran permit akbar PKR.
Laporan akbar semalam:

“But I do not forget my promises. I attend to them when the time comes,” he told reporters after delivering his keynote address at the function.

Abdullah also stressed that these reforms were all part of his 2004 election manifesto, but he was unable to fulfill them in the past four years as there were other urgent matters to handle then.

“The manifesto for 2004 is not just for four to five years in the first term".

Apa karut yang PM sebutkan. Semua orang tahu bahawa langkah langkah ini hanya untuk memancing sokongan rakyat semula kepada beliau. Kekalahan BN pada PUR12 adalah kemenangan kepada rakyat. Kedudukan beliau didalam UMNO pun sedang goyah. Beliau perlu melakukan sesuatu untuk mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat dan orang orang UMNO kepada kepimpinan beliau. Antara reform lain yang perlu disegerakan ialah penghapusan :
  • ISA dan OSA
  • Universities and Universiti college Act
  • Printing presses and publications Act
Pak Lah tentunya akan mendapat tentangan dari pihak tertentu dari UMNO yang masih inginkan status quo kepentingan mereka dipertahankan. Aku rasa cukuplah honey moon selama 50 tahun orang orang UMNO ini. Dunia sudah berubah dan orang orang Malaysia sudah mula menjadi bijak. Sekaranglah masa nya untuk kita melaksanakan quantum leap demi kepentingan rakyat marhaen.

Aku tak akan terkejut jika Pak Lah melaksanakan semua manifesto PKR sedikit masa lagi.

'Kekalahan' BN sebenarnya adalah 'a blessing in disguise' dan akan menguntungkan rakyat.

21 April 2008

Sms doomsday !

Semalam aku terima satu sms dari saorang rakan, berbunyi :

"Maklumat dpd. Ustadz........(nama aku tak nyatakan, kerana dia saorang ulamak terkenal). Planet Marikh (planet terdekat dengan bumi) telah mengalami pusingan terbalik pd bulan 9 yang lepas. Jadi, planet yang berhampiran dengannya juga akan mengalami kejadian yang sama. Maka akan terjadi kejadian matahari naik dibarat yang juga tanda tanda besar kiamat lalu pintu taubat ditutup. Kata para astronomi, bumi hanya tunggu masa saja. Info ini x didedahkan secara meluas & telah dihentikan penyebarannya oleh NASA kerana ia menguntungkan pihak Islam. Ambillah peringatan samaada benar & sejauh mana khabarnya, Wallahuallam. Tapi harapnya dapat disebarkan sebagai peringatan."

Komen aku:
  • He he, mungkin disebarkan oleh syarikat telco, akan menambahkan lagi keuntungan mereka apabila dah jadi chained sms.
  • Kalau Marikh dah berpusing terbalik, sudah tentu ramai astronomer amatur dah buat bising kerana Marikh terlalu dekat dengan bumi dan boleh kelihatan dengan teropong.
  • Kalau Marikh dah berpusing terbalik, mesti kucar kacir kehidupan dibumi sekarang kerana pasang surut air laut dan tarikan graviti akan terjejas.
Aku rasa apa yang lagi bahaya kepada dunia ialah risiko pelanggaran comet dan asteroid. Berzillion comet beredar mengelilingi chakrawala, dan ada yang lebih besar dari bumi. Tidak kah anda hairan kenapa dari berzillion komet yang berada dialam ini, tidak satu pun yang telah melanggar bumi? Ada teori yang mengatakan bahawa sebiji comet telah melanggar bumi 65 juta tahun dulu. Pelanggaran tersebut mengakibatkan kemusnahan 70% kehidupan bumi, termasuk dinasour kerana kesannya saperti meletupnya sebuah bom atom yang 10000 kali bom atom Hiroshima. Kemunkinan matahari naik dibarat akan berlaku apabila sebuah comet besar melanggar bumi dan pantulannya menyebabkan dunia berpusing songsang! Comet pun mengelilingi chakrawala dan adakah kumpulan comet yang melanggar bumi 65 juta tahun lalu akan bertemu bumi sekali lagi dimasa terdekat ini?

Tanda tanda kecil kiamat memang telah ada, tetapi kita masih menanti kedatangan Nabi Allah Isa untuk mendirikan daulah islamiyah diseluruh dunia terlebih dahulu, dan kiamat akan tetap datang kemudiannya.

Taubatlah sekarang dan jangan tunggu sehingga digesa oleh sms berantai sebegini !!!


Tun Mahathir : Najib should not be PM because he is a coward

MANCHESTER: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he had second thoughts about Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becoming Prime Minister as Najib had failed to speak up about the real reasons behind Barisan Nasional’s losses in the general election.
The former prime minister claimed that Najib was not “brave enough” to directly say anything that was not liked by his boss.
“We see that he is a penakut (coward). He is always saying, ‘yes sir, yes sir, saya sokong, saya sokong (I support, I support).”

Tergelak juga aku tengok perangai TDM. Dulu semasa Musa Hitam jadi DPM, beliau berhenti kerana tak bersetuju dengan polisi TDM dan kerana teguran nya tidak dilayani. Apabila Anwar menegur TDM pulak, dia pulak ditendang, diterajang dan ditelanjangkan. Sekarang dia cakap Najib penakut kerana tak berani tegur Pak Lah !. Aku rasa dia ni dah nyayok. Pulak tu, ramai yang jadi pengikutnya sekarang, terutamanya veteran UMNO. Depa ni tak sedar bahawa tindakan mereka akan memecah belah kan orang melayu dan islam.

Cukuplah tu, kita dah terlalu berpecah sekarang. Apa guna kalau 'Menang bersorak tapi kampung tergadai.' ????

Go blog Muhammad Taib

Ha Ha, Muhammad '3 million dollar man' Taib dah ada blog sendiri sekarang (tekan sini). Dulu dia pernah memanggil blogger sebagai liar, monkey, karaoke singer dan pondan, tetapi sekarang maki hamun nya itu tempelak ke muka sendiri.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) — Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Mohammad Taib has described writers of political blogs, whom he says looked brave in criticising government leaders, as cowards.
“Why I say they are coward? Because they are afraid of using (web) addresses in the country but use overseas addresses to slam our country leaders. Is this the character of a man? This is not a man, this is a ‘pondan’.

Aku pun tak faham kenapa PM lantik Muhammad 'I dont know English' Taib jadi menteri, orang yang cakap tak serupa bikin. Aku tak sabar sabar menunggu pengistiharan harta menteri, terutama nya Muhammad 'runaway bride' Taib dipaparkan untuk pengetahuan rakyat. Tentunya tersangat istimewa dan unik.

We are living in interesting times.

20 April 2008

Happy blogging

Pak Lah akhirnya mengaku bahawa satu daripada sebab kekalahan BN pada PUR12 adalah kerana mereka tidak memperdulikan peranan yang dimainkan oleh media IT, terutamanya dari para bloggers. Sebelum PUR12, kalangan UMNO 'heavyweights' mempersendakan blogger dan akhirnya menyaksikan mereka tersembam kebumi. Orang orang saperti Zam ala kazam dan Khir the broom toyo terpaksa menjilat ludah mereka semula. Ali rustam, Khir the broom toyo, Chua one hour soi lek dah mula mempunyai blog mereka sekarang, dan aku menjangkakan Pak Lah akan mewajibkan semua ahli Kabinet mempunyai blog sendiri.

Tidak rumit membuat blog. Jika anda boleh menulis, anda boleh jadi blogger. Hanya mereka yang gobloq IT mungkin menghadapi masalah sedikit, tetapi semua boleh dipelajari walaupun anda mempunyai otak sebesar otak burung (bird's brain).

Dummy's guide to start blogging:

  • Register your new mail address in Gmail.com. You can register any fancy names, but it will be quite a task as zillions of addresses are already there in cyber space. Use easy to remember address and password because you are going to type it thousands of time later, over and over again.
  • Once your new gmail address is approved, register another name in blogger.com or wordpress.com (these are the famous one's). This will be your permanent blogging address, so get some eye catching and unique name. Kickdefella, Rockybru, Sangkelembai, kuda-kepang, kudaranggi, Aisehman are rather famous in their own right.
  • Once approved, start blogging. You will learn the nitty-gritty of blogging as you go along. For me, i only spend about 5 minutes to penned up any ideas in this blog, so start blogging now.
Hey, get an Asus eeepc ultra mobile laptop (RM 1299, 0.92 kg, 7 in), and subscribe to any wireless broadband (celcom, maxis, digi, jaring, izzinet, u mobile) and you can even blog on the road.

Happy blogging and have a nice weekend.

18 April 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

It's thumbs up and all system go for Datuk Abdul Karim Mansor, ADUN UMNO Tg. Sepat, dan bekas setiausaha politik Khir Toyo.

(Datuk, yang dalam kandang tu khinzir ke?. Kawan cina kata sedap buat Bah kut teh, dah try? Makan babi haram, bela babi tak haram ke?)

17 April 2008

PM's speech - 'Delivering Justice, Renewing Trust'

This speech is worth reading and although belated in coming, this is what we want to hear from our PM. I hope he will walk the talk.

Full text of speech here

Lihat gambar, siapa yang 'towering figure' ?Ha Ha pandai betul mereka manipulasi gambar ni.

Trials and Tribulations are but from Allah

Have you ever experienced that what you are going through or had gone through are actually trials and tribulations from the Almighty Creator-Allah.

These trials and tribulations that one undergo comes in many unexpected ways. Well, maybe not so unexpected! Sometimes one hear an inner voice talking like, "what if something like this or like that ever happens to me?" Then there is also another inner voice that says, "Oh! if it happens to be I will take this sort of action or that sort of action, but a final voice would say that "oh! I can overcome it easily or I will go through it unscathed".

But when the inevitable happens, we feel as though our peaceful slumber rudely awaken and we feel depressed, despondent, the world is crashing down on us, feeling of drowning and not able to breathe. Suddenly we realize how weak these so-called homo sapiens are.

Mankind become so vulnerable that sometimes not realizing our actions tend to contradict what our inner voices have been talking all these while. Being ignorant, these trials and tribulations if treated as mere consequential circumstances and not checked will leave us broken, bitter, vengeful, and so on and so on and so on.

Trials and Tribulations comes in many ways, such as:

(i) Loss of loved ones.

(ii) Lost of property-theft, fire, flood.

(iii) Burdened with lots of problems eg. Finance, family, in-laws, business or relationships gone sour

(iv) Diagnosed with terminal disease.

(v) Loss of limbs, sight, hearing due to accidents, sickness.

(vi) Loss of beauty, status.

If ever you are confronted with any of the above do not seek human help but seek Allah our Creator our Friend our Helper and you will find an inner strength one that you yourself will not know that you actually had it in the first place.

To be continued.............

NST hidden agenda

'The NST says: GET ON WITH THE JOB' screams the NST front page Wednesday, 16th April. Wow, i said to my self, has NST turn a new leaf? Never in my life, have I encountered an UMNO newspaper scolding UMNO and BN kau-kau. I am dumbfounded and after reading it end to end, i thought at last i am getting worth the RM 1.20 i paid for the NST. The article also hammers Hishamuddin keris, Khir broom Toyo and UMNO in general for the 'moaning and groaning' and playing up the political 'wayang and sandiwara' after BN's disastrous performance in PUR12.

But first impression can be misleading...........

The next morning, another screamer 'The people say: GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT AND PUT NATION FIRST'. What i can conclude from reading the first four pages, the paper is backing Pak Lah to carry on as PM and to continue with his reforms. It also published positive comments from die hard supporters supporting Pak Lah.

Now we all know who is behind all this. The jalan Riong editors has much to lose if Pak Lah goes. They are doing whatever it takes to prop up Pak lah's quivering career.

Is Pak Lah losing his grip in UMNO and now utilising the NST to whack his cynics and detractors in the party? The party election is round the corner and he has started his move.

Will the Star and Utusan take sides now? Hopefully it will be worth our money buying this two papers too.

The pot calling the kettle black

Many were born and bred during Mahathir's era. Ask any Leng Chai whether they know Mahathir and you will surely get an affirmative answer, but not many know Pak Lah. Good or bad, he has left a lasting legacy in Malaysia's annal. He has been called so many names, mahafiraun, draconian, mamak, anti semitic, dictator and tyrant but the fact is, he still remains popular among Malaysians.

Who can forget:

  • The many cronies born out of wedlock with their gravy trails.
  • Money politics thriving in UMNO
  • Operasi lallang, ISA and OSA fully utilised
  • The Sultans losing their immunity and becoming mere rubber stamps
  • Problems in the judiciary
  • Wasteful mega projects
  • The rise of Ali Baba and greedy malay businessmen
  • Spat with the West
  • Using the big stick towards opponent to tow the line
Now he is singing a different tune. It seems his heart operation has given him a new breath of life. Not contented with life in the slow lane, he has come out as fiery as ever, shooting from the hip. To him Pak Lah is public enemy number one. Nothing will stop him from demonising Pak Lah. He is now asking Pak Lah to undo things that were started by him years ago. It seems whatever Pak Lah does is a disaster, although he is only continuing with policies he inherited.

Isn't the pot calling the kettle black?

16 April 2008

Interesting Times

Scenario 1
Pak Lah says he will contest the UMNO's presidency this year, then step down and handover the baton to Najib later. Would anybody believe him, after we have been fooled so many times; his denial in marrying Jeanne Danker and his denial in dissolving Parliament? If he wins, why would he hand it over to Najib? I imagine he would say "The rakyat still support me, and I will carry on this mandate to the next election".

If Pak Lah is challenged, likely to be Muhyiddin, then Najib wouldn't be prime minister in waiting anymore, unless Najib openly declared his candidacy before the party elections to keep away other predators from joining the fray. There will be a three cornered fight and the fight will be bloody. Ku Li will stay out of the race so as not to split votes, to let Muhyiddin wins.

Scenario 2
Pak lah decided not to contest the poll, and in this case Najib will go for the no.1 spot. Ku Li will offer himself for the presidency too. Najib will win hands down as he has solid backing from the grassroots.

Scenario 3
A coup in Parliament in the coming months may see the last of Pak Lah and BN. Dr Wan Azizah might likely be the first woman PM in Malaysia, albeit for a few months. Anwar will be the PM once he wins his Parliamentary seat in August.

The race for numero uno spot in Parliament has begun. It will be a dash and not a marathon. The fastest runner will win the race. Winner takes all.

Will it be Anwar or Najib?

Black 14

Kemain bersemangat rakan rakan ku berkumpul di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman malam tadi kerana menyambut 'pelepasan' AI. Mereka yang tidak dapat hadir, dikatakan penakut!. What the heck?. Rakan rakan ku ini hanya kuat bersorak dan bersemangat hangat hangat tahi ayam sahaja. Agaknya kalau dilepaskan gas pemedih mata, dia orang yang akan lari bertempiaran dulu.

Ramai para 'penyokong demonstrasi jalanan' era reformasi yang hadir. Mereka inilah pendokong reformasi yang sebenarnya. Mereka ini lah barisan hadapan yang telah dibelasah dengan cotar, ditembak dengan gas pemedih mata dan dilokap, tetapi semangat mereka masih kental. Ini lah orang orang nya yang AI tabik semalam.

Tetapi apa yang menghairankan, kenapa perhimpunan sebesar itu dibuat di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, walhalnya mereka boleh meraikan beramai ramai di Stadium Shah Alam, negeri PR. Permit polis telah dipohon untuk jamuan makan malam tetapi tiada makanan disediakan untuk rakyat yang datang. Laporan laporan mengatakan diantara 7,000 sehingga ke 20,000 rakyat telah membanjiri kawasan sesempit itu. Rakan ku berkata perhimpunan diadakan disitu kerana faktor nostagia. 'Bullshit', itu lah jawapan ku.

AI sebagai 'PM-In-Waiting' perlu lebih berwibawa. Jikalau PR ingin menjadi bakal kerajaan yang serious, apa apa acara yang dianjurkan biarlah ada klas. Politik jalanan sudah lapok dan zaman demo reformasi pun dah berlalu. Alhamdulillah tiada peristiwa yang tidak di ingini berlaku diantara penyokong AI dan FRU. Katakan lah polis di provoke oleh mana mana pihak yang anti AI, tidak kah ianya membahayakan beribu ribu rakyat, kanak kanak dan kaum kaum perempuan.

AI tahu bahawa permit polis untuk perhimpunan tentu sekali tidak akan diluluskan oleh pihak polis, tetapi beliau masih meneruskan acara disitu. AI mesti membuktikan bahawa beliau lebih bertanggung jawab dan lebih berperihatin kepada penyokongnya. AI membahayakan beribu ribu insan marhaen dengan risiko tangkapan, pukulan cotar dan gas pemedih mata.

Gunakanlah kebijaksanaan, kerana PR sebagai Kerajaan alternatif perlu menunjukkan sikap yang lebih matang.

14 April 2008

Recession is coming

For economists every period of 10 years, the threat of a recession comes around. An economy will not keep expanding indefinitely, eventually it will contract for a while. History taught us that this comes around every 10 years or so. This year we have seen stocks tumbling in the US markets, the US dollar is weak, unemployment is on the rise, people are buying less stuff and there is a decrease in factory production. A downturn in the US economy will have a domino effect in other countries. Malaysia is not spared as the US is one of the biggest importers of our product. When there is less demand in the US, we will export less, invariably this will stunt our earnings and effect our growth. The snowballing effect will cause the Malaysian economy to slow down. There will be a spiraling effect on all other economic activities in this country. In short, a recession is forthcoming.

If you notice, in every turn of shopping malls you'll be hassle by agents coaxing you in signing for new credit cards. I will always shirk them by telling that i am blacklisted by Banks and loan sharks are coming after me. (He He, this trick i learned from a friend, and it never fails!). Banks are coming up with many innovative packages for customers to take up personal loans. Telemarketing is a pain in the neck, as telephone agents sweet talk us to take up unnecessary loans. What does this tell us?. The government is trying to make people spend more. They realise that people are tightening their belt and they say this is not good for the economy.

For those in the 40's and 50's age bracket, we still remember the recessions in the 70's, 80's and 90's. For government servants, they were not hard hit but for the rest of the rakyat marhaen, it was really bad times. Houses were put under lelong, cars confiscated, businesses go bankrupt and people out of jobs.

Did you notice, prices of foodstuff and other goods escalating like nobody business nowadays?. I pity Shahril Samad as he has a gigantic task ahead of him.

To my younger friends, i would advice them to spend wisely and always be prudent. Maintain your old car rather than buying new ones. Spend less on foodstuff and eat less. Curb your eating forays and try to eat cooked home food. Eat less nasi lemak and be more healthy.

Off course, for those bright Economists, to avert a recession, they advice you to spend, spend, spend ........

This is one advice that i will forgo.

Al Hambra & era kejatuhan Kerajaan Islam Spain

Aku berpeluang melawat Al Hambra di Granada Spain pada tahun 1995. Sungguh cantik peninggalan kubu Islam di Andalusia itu. Islam memerintah Spain selama 800 tahun sebelum ianya di rampas semula oleh Raja Fernando dan Isabella pada tahun 1492. Aku rasa ianya satu daripada destinasi yang mesti dilawati.

Tapi aku sedih kerana Khalifah Islam pada masa itu, Sultan Abu Abdullah (Boabdil) tinggal di istana yang terlalu mewah dan megah, sehinggakan tidak sedar raja Fernando dan Isabella telah mengepungnya. Pembaca boleh melayari sendiri internet untuk mengetahui dengan lebih terperinci kisah sedih kejatuhan kerajaan Islam Spain.

Sebenarnya apa yang ingin diceritakan ialah perjumpaan saya dengan saorang rakyat Palestin yang berniaga kecil kecilan di Granada menjual makanan halal. Puas saya berjalan mencari makanan halal sehingga bertemu dengan beliau disatu ceruk di bandar Granada itu. Sambil menikmati kebab, beliau telah menceritakan satu kisah di zaman kegemilangan Islam Spain sebelum kejatuhannya.

Raja Kristian Spain telah memerintahkan saorang pengintip (spy) untuk menentukan kekuatan orang orang Islam di kubu Al Hambra. Pengintip tersebut telah bertemu dengan saorang remaja Islam yang sedang menangis. Apabila ditanya apakan sebab dia menangis, remaja itu berkata "Aku cuba memanah dua ekor burung dengan satu anak panah, tetapi hanya saekor burung sahaja yang mengena. Aku sangat sedih kerana aku masih belum mahir lagi". Pengintip tersebut telah pulang melapurkan peristiwa tersebut kepada Raja Kristian. Raja telah memerintah bala tenteranya menangguh penaklukan Al Hambra.

Beberapa tahun kemudian, Raja Kristian memerintah pengintip untuk mengintip kekuatan orang islam lagi. Pengintip telah berjumpa dengan saorang remaja islam yang sedang menangis. Apabila ditanya sebab dia menangis, remaja itu berkata "Teman wanita aku telah melarikan diri untuk berkahwin dengan orang lain, aku sedih kerana tidak dapat bersama dengan nya lagi". Apabila pengintip menceritakan peristiwa itu kepada Raja Kristian, beliau telah memerintahkan bala tentera kristian untuk menyerang kubu Islam, dan akhirnya kerajaan Islam Spain telah tumbang.

Morale cerita ialah apabila semangat dan iltizam remaja Islam masih kuat dan mantap, Islam akan tetap kukuh, tetapi apabila sebaliknya berlaku, orang Islam akan tersembam kebumi saperti apa yang terjadi di Spain 600 tahun dahulu. Allahualam........

13 April 2008

Kritikan membina

Kita perlu membuat kritikan membina terhadap kerajaan baru PR, terutamanya di Selangor. Kadangkala aku sms kan pendapat aku terus kepada exco-exco tersebut. Maklumlah, orang orang baru ini memang lah terlalu sebok, sehinggakan ada yang aku dengar tak jengok langsung khenduri khenduri doa selamat yang diadakan untuk meraikan kemenangan mereka.

Rakan rakan selalu menempelak aku kerana kata mereka berilah peluang untuk PR membentuk kerajaan baru. Terasa loya dan mual mendengar celoteh mereka. Empat tahun tidak lama. Pada aku, mereka bertateh sekarang, terlalu perlahan untuk membuat perubahan. Mereka mesti terus berlari, kerana pejam-celik pejam-celik, empat tahun akan datang dengan cepatnya. PR mesti menunjukkan pembaharuan dan menunaikan semua janji dalam manifesto PUR12 mereka sekarang. Jangan lupa ayat Allah Surah Annisa' ayat 135, yang bermaksud "Wahai orang yang beriman tunaikanlah perjanjian".

Pemimpin PR bukannya malaikat dan kerajaan PR bukannya maksum. Apakah kita langsung tak boleh buat kritikan menbina kerana mereka masih bertateh?. Sindrom tidak boleh dikritik membuatkan UMNO jatuh tersungkur sekarang.

Ayoh para para ulamak, tegurlah kerajaan baru ini, takutlah hanya kepada Allah. Jangan takut menegur kerana harapan mendapat hampasan dunia. Kemenangan PR adalah hadiah dari Allah, maka janganlah disia siakan. Setiap saat, ada komplot untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan PR. Tetapi jikalau kerajaan PR berjuang untuk kepentingan rakyat, insyaallah ia akan bertahan 50 tahun lagi.

Azalina's verbal diarrhoea

Only the other day our Tourism Minister stop all government allocations meant for tourism to all PR states. Yesterday she lambasted the Kedah government for conducting raids to weed out vice activities in Langkawi. She told the Kedah government to stop sabotaging her Ministry's tourism programmes.

What on earth is she thinking? Is she condoning the vices that is happening there?. One Tsunami is bad enough for Langkawi. Another God's wrath, and Langkawi will not see the light of the day, ever.

She has failed to eradicate the social ills befalling our youth in her last Ministry. I can't think of one good reason why she is still a minister today. This is another of Pak Lah's blunder. God save us all.

UMNO dan dakyah babi

Wah, seronoknya puak puak UMNO menghentam kerajaan PR Selangor menerusi media masa mengenai isu babi. Tiga Exco Pas, Dr Hassan Ali, Dr Halimah dan Iskandar bersetuju agar projek itu diteruskan. Tak perlu sebut apa pendapat exco dari DAP. Exco PKR pula didalam defensive mode pula. Kenapa ladang ladang babi di Melaka dan Negeri Sembilan tidak dikomen oleh puak puak Umno ini?. Disana masih menggunakan cara tradisional, dan mencemarkan alam sekitar. Sungai berdekatan dijadikan tempat membuang najis babi. Ada yang memanggil Negeri Sembilan dan Melaka sebagai Darul Khinzir.

Orang Melayu tersangat sensitif dengan babi, tetapi kalau bab zina, arak dan masalah sosial lain mereka enteng sahaja. Mereka terlalu sentimen pasal babi, seolah olah dosanya lebih besar dari jenayah lain. Kita mesti faham bahawa kita tidak dibenarkan makan babi sahaja, kita masih boleh memegangnya tetapi perlu menyamak. Lagi pun projek ini dibiayai 100 peratus oleh swasta, dan penternakannya adalah secara moden dari Germany dan tidak akan ada pencemaran alam sekitar. Babi tersebut pula adalah untuk keperluan orang bukan islam dan bukan untuk di ekspot. Islam menghormati hak hak orang bukan islam dan selepas projek ini, tidak akan ada ladang ladang babi individu di negeri Selangor. Eloklah ladang babi ini di centralise, daripada bersepah sepah dan mencemari alam sekitar.

Aku dengar, orang orang PAS pun membangkang projek ini. Orang orang Melayu mesti rasional dan menghormati hak bangsa lain. Babi adalah makanan mereka. Kalau kekurangan babi dipasaran tempatan, mereka akan tetap mengimpotnya dari luar.

Aku cadangkan MB Selangor mengadakan press conference, dan menerangkan isu sebenar, dengan fakta fakta projek agar rakyat mendapat penjelasan yang betul. Jangan biarkan puak puak Umno ini mengambil kesempatan menceduk di air yang keruh.

Islam Hadhari

Di Malaysia, jikalau sesiapa ingin memeluk agama Islam perlu:
  1. 1. Mengucap syahadah.
  2. 2. Memberitahu keluarga (dan mendapat kebenaran mereka?).
Apakah ini konsep baru Islam Hadhari?.

Apa pendapat rakan rakan ulamak ku?.

12 April 2008

Khmer Rouge

Atikel ini berbeza sedikit dengan yang lain. Aku nak berkongsi satu pengalaman kerana aku rasa ianya boleh mengajar kita menjadi hamba yang bersyukur.

Pada tahun 1991, selepas selesai mengerjakan ibadat Haji, aku bertolak ke Madinah untuk melaksanakan solat 40 waktu di Masjid Nabawi. Pada satu petang sementara menunggu solat Maghrib, aku sempat berbual dengan saorang jemaah yang beriktikaf sebelah ku yang berasal dari Cambodia. Namanya Haji Abdullah, berketurunan melayu Champa. Beliau lancar berbahasa Melayu dengan bertelurkan kelantan. Aku difahamkan melayu Champa berasal dari Kelantan dan telah berhijrah kesana 400 tahun yang lalu. Budaya berhijrah dan mencari rezki diluar adalah sinonim dengan rakyat Kelantan sehingga sekarang.

Beliau adalah saorang survivor regim Khmer Rouge. Aku bertanya bagaimana beliau mengerjakan solat, kerana Khmer Rouge adalah anti agama dan akan membunuh sesiapa yang mengamalkan agama. Beliau berkata semasa Khmer Rouge memerintah diantara tahun 1975-1979, lebih dari 1.5 juta rakyat telah menemui ajal kerana hukuman mati, kelaparan dan buruh paksa. Mereka di sumbat kedalam Commune dan dipaksa bekerja 12 jam sehari. Setiap waktu ada guard yang memerhati selain daripada pengintip pengintip yang tidak diketahui. Katanya lagi, wudhu akan diambil semasa sedang mandi di sungai secara sulit. Solat dikerjakan semasa berjalan ketempat kerja atau semasa bekerja, dengan cara ber-imaginasi dan bacaan didalam hati. Selama 4 tahun beliau bersolat secara begitu. Anak isteri nya telah dibunuh dengan kejam oleh puak zalim ini. Tanpa disedari, berlinang air mata ku mendengar ceritanya.

Tugas beliau adalah membina bendang untuk tanaman padi. Sesiapa yang dilihat melakukan apa apa istiadat keagamaan akan dihukum bunuh serta merta. Mengangkat tangan saperti berdoa pun akan menimpa hukuman yang sama. Walaupun beliau telah menempuh berbagai bagai kesengsaraan, aku lihat riak air mukanya masih berseri seri. Beliau berkata dengan sisa sisa hidup yang ada, dia hanya ingin beribadat dengan Allah dan menunggu masa untuk bertemu dengan anak isteri nya dialam barzakh.

Cuba fikirkan, bagaimana kita begitu aman boleh mengerjakan ibadat, walhalnya rakan rakan kita di Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, dll tidak menikmati apa yang kita nikmati.

Adakah kita akan dapat masuk Syurga secepat kilat saperti rakan rakan kita itu?

SS (sinking ship) Elegant Silence

'It is not that we love Pak Lah less, but we love UMNO more'. Itu lah kata kata kiasan bijaksana orang UMNO Johor agar Pak lah meletak jawatan. UMNO Johor perlu menjadi Jebat dalam hal ini. Sekarang, keberanian bodoh dan membabi buta Hang Tuah tidak ada tempat lagi. Pak Lah menyebut bahawa Najib akan menggantikan nya sedikit masa lagi. Bukan kah itu kata kata azimat yang selalu disebut oleh TDM. Mahathir mengatakan begitu kepada empat timbalannya dan dia masih tetap berkuasa selama 22 tahun!.

Wahai orang orang UMNO Johor, jangan lah kamu diperkeldaikan oleh Pak Lah lagi. Dia masih belum puas dengan jet eksekutifnya, Sri Perdana masih belum di terokai sepenuhnya, masih banyak negara luar yang belum dikunjungi untuk berbulan madu bersama Jeanne, masih banyak ceruk ceruk Perth yang belum diselidiki, Kamaluddin dan Khairy masih belum mencapai status billionaire.

Wahai orang UMNO Johor, tunjukkanlah keberanian mu sekarang. Semangat kepahlawanan Bugis masih mengalir didalam darah mu. Pemimpin datang dan pergi, tetapi kedaulatan Islam dan melayu mestilah dipertahankan.

11 April 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - Once bitten twice shy

Aku terpanggil untuk menjawab beberapa persoalan rakan rakan mengenai AI. Rata rata mereka menyokongnya 110 peratus. Aku langsung tidak boleh komen pasal AI dan akan ditempelak beramai ramai. Mereka terlalu taksub kepadanya. Kebanyakan dari mereka masih menuntut di Universiti semasa AI didalam kerajaan dan mungkin tak sedar implikasinya. Ramai kawan kawan AI tersangat sedih apabila beliau dengan rela terjun kedalam tong najis.

Ramai yang memikirkan AI adalah 'saviour' kepada gerakan Islam di Malaysia pada masa itu. Rakan rakan ku di negara Arab pun mengharapkan beliau dapat mempertabatkan Islam keseluruh dunia. Kesian, kerana harapan mereka meleset sama sekali.

Ketika itu sebagai DPM, tersangat susah untuk bertemu dengannya kerana setiap waktu beliau dikelilingi oleh 'Gate Keepers'. Sehingga ada yang mengatakan adalah lebih mudah untuk bertemu Mahathir daripada bertemu beliau. Kemana AI pergi, beliau akan bersama balachi balachinya. Kehidupan nya tidak lagi sederhana, sentiasa memakai suit Armani yang berharga Rm 18k, tinggal di banglo yang mewah, sangat digemari oleh wanita wanita UMNO serta rakan rakannya pula terdiri dari ahli ahli korporat dan orang orang yang tidak berakhlak. Hobinya menunggang kuda dan jet ski. Semakin lama, jurang antara beliau dan rakyat marhaen bertambah luas. Dia sudah tak ubah saperti pemimpin pemimpin UMNO yang lain. Dia sudah tenggelam didalam kemewahan dunia orang orang UMNO dan sudah lupa misi asalnya.

Yalah, pada ketika itu, siapa yang tidak mahu dilihat bersama PM-in-waiting?. Sesiapa yang mempunyai simpanan nombor hand phone AI pun sudah memadai untuk dijaja kesana kesini, kononnya mereka ada kabel dan talian terus dengan AI. Kawan kawan lama di ABIM dan PAS dipinggirkan. Lama kelamaan AI UMNO sudah tidak seperti AI Yayasan Anda. Pada mulanya aku fikir tidak semua manusia boleh berubah kerana pangkat, kekayaan dan kuasa. Tetapi, AI telah mengubah pemikiran ku.

Aku tanya kepada rakan rakan ku di Coffee Corner, selama 8 tahun didalam kerajaan UMNO, apakah jasa jasanya yang kita boleh banggakan sehingga kini?. Zilch, Nein, Zero. UIAM adalah idea TDM. Bank Islam adalah idea TDM. Harga petrol RM 1.10 selama 8 tahun dapat dikekalkan kerana harga pasaran dunia hanya RM 30/barrel (sekarang RM 112) pada masa itu. Pertambahan ekonomi 6 peratus setahun sehingga kini boleh dicapai, walaupun dizaman Pak Lah. Rumah murah dan undang undang rasuah tidak boleh dibanggakan kerana itu adalah tugas pemimpin untuk melaksanakan.

Rakyat telah menolak Pak lah dan UMNO. Rakyat mengharapkan saorang 'Penyelamat' untuk menggantikan Pak Lah yang bukan dari UMNO, kerana UMNO telah gagal membela rakyat. Janji janji manis PKR semasa PUR12 sangatlah menarik. Tetapi aku takut diperdaya sekali lagi oleh AI.

'Once bitten, twice shy' - ramai yang tidak menyokong AI jadi PM. Tetapi siapa lagi yang boleh kita harapkan? Hishamuddin?, KJ?, Husam?, Nizar?, Guan Eng?. Tunggu next change.

09 April 2008

PR dan PKR

Kita dihidangkan dengan sandiwara antara Karpal Singh dan Tok Guru didalam akbar. Karpal telah menempelak PAS kerana kerajaan Islamic state. Ada suara suara sumbang dari PAS mengasak agar PAS mengepalai PR. Sekarang ni PKR yang 'calling the shots' dan mendominasi Pakatan Rakyat. Sebelum PUR12, PKR hanyalah parti nyamuk dan tinggal nyawa nyawa ikan sahaja. Pada aku, PKR ni tak ubah macam UMNO + DAP, hanya muka mereka berlainan sahaja.

'Islamic State' adalah satu terma yang sangat digeruni oleh Karpal, LKS dan DAP. Mereka fobia dan allergy dengan perkataan tersebut. Kenapa lah orang PAS ni tak bijak sikit. Apa salah nya kalau guna perkataan 'Negara Kebajikan'. Yang penting adalah konsep dan cara mengimplimentasi konsep tersebut. Terma tak penting.

Negara Kebajikan yang mengamalkan konsep islam dan adil kepada semua rakyat boleh diterima oleh DAP. 'Islamic State' yang mengamalkan konsep islam dan adil kepada semua rakyat akan ditolak oleh DAP. Cuba fikirkan.

Pak Lah kata................

Mengenai Ku Li, Pak Lah kata:

‘He was the reason Barisan lost Kelantan to PAS in the first place’

- Siapakah yang menyebabkan kehilangan Pulau Pinang, walhal nya awak adalah PM Malaysia dan Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Pulau Pinang?. Sedarlah Pak Lah, muhasabah diri sendiri sebelum mengutuk orang lain.

Mengenai TDM, Pak Lah kata:

‘…during his time, he asked the media to ‘block out’ stories and photos of (former Prime Minister) Tun Hussein Onn and not give coverage to certain people?’

‘As for Operasi Lalang, don’t forget who’s responsible’

‘Many countries do not have confidence in our judiciary…so I thought I had to do something about it to restore confidence because the people are hoping for reforms in the judiciary’

- Rakyat tahu, semua tu adalah kerja kerja jijik TDM, tetapi sekian lama awak jadi PM, apakah usaha usaha untuk memperbaiki keadaan?. Hanya selepas PUR12, awak dikejutkan dari lena mu. Awak melantik Zaki kepuncak kehakiman, awak cuba pertahankan Fairuz, dan awak kengkang TOR Commission of Inquiry Lingam Tape. Awak biarkan Kalimullah bermaharaja lela dan awak masih biarkan ramai bercuti di penjara Kamunting. Sedarlah, jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.

Mengenai brother AI, Pak Lah kata:

'when Anwar was the country’s number two he (Anwar) too tried to control the media in terms of what came out on TV and in print'.

- Semua media dan akbar adalah dibawah telunjuk UMNO dan BN. Semasa PUR12, BN berseronok memburukkan parti parti pembangkang didalam media. Rakyat jadi muak dengan sogokan sogokan tersebut. Paklah, awak tak ada bezanya dengan AI semasa dia dalam UMNO dulu.

Setiap kali awak membuka mulut, setiap kali lah awak menunjukkan kebodohan. Bertaubat lah, sesungguh nya kuasa yang diberikan kepada awak adalah satu amanah dari Allah. Gunakan nya dengan kebijaksanaan dan dengan sebaik mungkin.

08 April 2008

Siapa PM selepas Pak Lah?

Kalau rajin membaca Blog (khabarnya ada 500,000 di Malaysia!), bermacam macam teori, firasat, kasyaf (!), feng shui dan ramalan berkenaan siapa PM selepas Pak Lah. Aku pun rasa Pak Lah tidak akan lama duduk di kerusi empok itu, dengan kemelut politik UMNO sekarang ini. Rakan rakan di Coffee Corner selalu bertanyakan pendapat aku.

Pada fikrah aku, kekalahan BN dibandar bandar besar pada PUR12, bukanlah disebabkan pengundi menyokong DAP atau PKR. Sebenarnya pengundi memangkah parti yang lain daripada BN. Jikalau atok Maimun bertanding diatas tiket bebas di Petaling Jaya, dan berkempen dengan basikal buruknya itu, atok Maimun akan menang.

Macamana Loh Gwo Burne, yang kurang fasih Bahasa Melayu, bukan orator yang baik dan bermastautin di China boleh menang dan meraih kelebihan undi yang banyak? Siapa yang kenal dia sebelum ini?.

Pada realitinya, UMNO akan tetap berkuasa, Pak Lah akan turun tak lama lagi, tetapi orang UMNO akan tetap jadi PM. Aku jangka akan ada perubahan drastik pada pucuk pimpinan UMNO. Negara akan ditadbirkan dengan lebih baik. AI akan jadi Ketua Pembangkang dan PM-In-Waiting selama lama nya.

Tetapi masih kedengaran dari orang orang Arqam, bahawa Abuya akan jadi PM pulak secara ghaib selepas Pak Lah. Allahualam.........

Sufiah oh Sufiah

I just want to add a little comment about this girl. As you know, being a Muslim,the western media will sensationalise this girl's episode. She has made her choice and nothing much we can do about it, except Doa'. If she wants to be famous, then she is already famous as a Maths prodigy at a tender age.

As a Muslim, she knows that committing zina is a heinous crime. Not only she admits loving her 'job' with clients, she even let her raunchy photos being published all over the world. No Muslim girl would do such thing, unless there are some other factors overidding her sanity.

My two sen opinion is that it is a way of getting back to her parents that has traumatised her during childhood i.e to exact revenge, so to speak. By doing all those things, she is trying to make her parents feel guilty and useless.

Let this be a lesson to all of us parents. Do not push too hard or the little fuse might blow. Off course we want the best for our kids, but know their limits and their potentials, Insyaallah our kids will go far and simultaneously be good Muslims too.

Hentam menghentam dalam Umno

Pak Lah dah mula buka gelanggang silat. Mr 'Elegant Silence' dah mula buka bunga silat pengantin. Pendekar pendekar UMNO dibelakang 'Mr Clean' pun dah buka langkah jurus satu. Tak pernah kita lihat UMNO bersilat sesama sendiri. Agaknya setelah terlalu banyak tumbukan tumbukan yang diasak kepada beliau, baru dia bangun dari lelapnya.

AI dan Ku Li jadi sasaran, dan TDM dilibas sekali. Roadshow TDM sedang dibuat secara besar besaran, dan BPR diarah menyiasat kes rasuah TDM.

Semua ini membuka pekong dan kepincangan dalam UMNO. Ini semua menjadi tontonan semua rakyat. Adakah kita tidak malu, apabila sesama Islam bercakaran di khalayak ramai?. Adakah kita tidak malu apabila semua pekong diperlihatkan?. Adakah kita tidak malu melihat seluar seluar mereka dilondehkan dihadapan ramai?.

Aku berharap episod ini akan berakhir secepat mungkin dan semua ahli ahli politik menjadi siuman semula. (Bukan jadi siamang !)

Nizar Jamaluddin yang aku kenal

Ramai yang mengatakan MB Perak yang baru ini akan menjadi saorang MB yang paling hebat dan berkesan didalam sejarah Perak sehingga kini. Nizar Jamaluddin telah bergiat sebagai aktivis Islam bermula disekitar akhir 70'an, di Universiti Aston, UK. Pada masa tersebut api revolusi Islam sedang bersemarak di Iran dan bahang nya sangat terasa di United Kingdom. Pelajar pelajar Malaysia ramai yang bergiat didalam beberapa kumpulan, kumpulan pertama, Islamic Representative Council (IRC), dan kumpulan kedua yang lebih kecil, Suara Islam. Ada sebahagian pelajar yang terlibat dengan UMNO dan gerakan gerakan Sosialis dari Singapura.

Nizar dan beberapa pelajar lain saperti Khalid Samad (YB Shah Alam), dan arwah Azim merupakan penggerak aktif Suara Islam. Pada setiap forum perdebatan, Suara Islam akan selalu membidas IRC kerana konon nya mereka adalah golongan reformis, walhal Suara Islam mengutarakan konsep revolutionari yang dibawa oleh Rasulullah.

Aku masih ingat semasa Tun Dr. Mahathir, yang pada masa itu sebagai Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia telah mengadakan sessi dialog bersama pelajar pelajar Malaysia di Salford University, UK pada tahun 1979. Nizar telah bangun dan bertanya beberapa soalan yang diantara lain berbunyi 'Why is the Malaysian Government suppressing the Islamic workers......".

TDM dengan nada sindir dan gaya belit nya menjawab "In Islam there are no class distinction and no Islamic workers. You are talking like a communist. You should learn more about Islam!".

Penaja Suara Islam cuba mendaftar sebuah parti baru yang di panggil Parti Negara Islam Malaysia sekembalinya mereka dari UK, tetapi tidak berhasil, dan akhir nya semua aktivis Suara Islam telah menjadi ahli PAS. Penaja IRC pula ramai yang menjadi ahli ABIM dan JIM.

Kalau kita baca sessi sessi interview dengan MB Perak didalam akbar baru baru ini, jawapan nya adalah tepat, bernas dan boleh diterima oleh semua kaum. Ini sangat berbeza dengan pemimpin pemimpin BN yang selalu merapu dan bercelaru sahaja.

Kita lihat di Kelantan kepimpinan ulamak PAS telah memerintah lebih dari 17 tahun. Kita mahu lihat kepimpinan saorang Jurutera dari PAS bertahan lebih lama lagi, insyallah.

07 April 2008

RAMD kawal Istana Buckingham

Terpampang berita berkenaan disemua akhbar pada pagi ini, 7 April 2008. Aku tak faham macam mana setengah pihak boleh berbangga dengan tugas 'berprestij' ini. Mungkin Jeneral Jeneral kita ni dah tak siuman lagi.

Kalau sesiapa dah pernah melawat Buckingham Palace, mesti pelik melihat askar askar British yang tercegat macam patung di hadapan istana tersebut. Kesian aku tengok depa di 'dera'. Rm 1.9 juta akan dihabiskan untuk membawa Batalion Pertama Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja ke sana. Agak nya ATM ni dah dapat berlebihan bajet untuk membawa 122 anggota mereka bercuti di London.

Siapa kah gerangan Raja Inggeris yang kita perlu jaga sebegini rupa?. Agaknya selepas ini kita minta Welsh Guard menjaga istana Yang diPertuan Agong pula. Tit for tat.