26 April 2008


For those who hasn't heard about the Asus EEE PC, you must have been hiding in a cave the last few months. EEE PC is a very small machine, define as an UMPC-Ultra Portable Personal Computer weighing less than 1 kg and the size of a paper back novel.

It is in the rave now because of its revolutionary design and its small form factor. It is a machine meant for those on the move and you can even slot it in a lady's hand bag.

It booted up within 10 second and comes with the free Linux Xandros OS. This is a far cry from the usual Windows which is resource hungry and very slow in booting up. To be fair, you can't compare EEE PC performance with other expensive laptops as their price are a few times dearer. For normal routine work, EEE PC's performance is respectable and its beauty lies in its simplicity.

With a low price of RM 1299, it is very affordable. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, 1000 EEE PC was snapped up within 5 minutes of its official launching. So far one million EEE PC were sold worldwide last month. You can sign up with a wireless broadband and surf the internet on the road. So folks, get it before it runs dry.

No, I am not an Asus dealer. I am just another gadget geek.

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