16 January 2009

Mercedes S350L and Lexus Rx350

This is the same model Mercedes S350L which cost nearly RM 1m bought by Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad for the sole use of it's chairman. Of course Khir Toyo will deny asking KDEB to buy the luxury Mercedes, but as the former Chairman of KDEB, he must be in the know of the purchase. Surely he has the power to stop KDEB from purchasing the vehicle and saving shareholders money if he wants to.

Below is the same model of the present MB's Lexus RX350, use by Khalid Ibrahim for official duties. He bought the Lexus even before he was the MB of Selangor and it is his personal car.

It is a case of sour grape when Khir Toyo accuses Khalid of buying a new Lexus RX460 from KDEB's fund. Khalid has denied the allegations.

and the former Selangor MB in disguise........

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