17 April 2008

NST hidden agenda

'The NST says: GET ON WITH THE JOB' screams the NST front page Wednesday, 16th April. Wow, i said to my self, has NST turn a new leaf? Never in my life, have I encountered an UMNO newspaper scolding UMNO and BN kau-kau. I am dumbfounded and after reading it end to end, i thought at last i am getting worth the RM 1.20 i paid for the NST. The article also hammers Hishamuddin keris, Khir broom Toyo and UMNO in general for the 'moaning and groaning' and playing up the political 'wayang and sandiwara' after BN's disastrous performance in PUR12.

But first impression can be misleading...........

The next morning, another screamer 'The people say: GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT AND PUT NATION FIRST'. What i can conclude from reading the first four pages, the paper is backing Pak Lah to carry on as PM and to continue with his reforms. It also published positive comments from die hard supporters supporting Pak Lah.

Now we all know who is behind all this. The jalan Riong editors has much to lose if Pak Lah goes. They are doing whatever it takes to prop up Pak lah's quivering career.

Is Pak Lah losing his grip in UMNO and now utilising the NST to whack his cynics and detractors in the party? The party election is round the corner and he has started his move.

Will the Star and Utusan take sides now? Hopefully it will be worth our money buying this two papers too.

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