25 April 2008

Dr Wan Azizah for PM. Why not?

Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is willing to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

She says in Petaling Jaya today,

“Saya bersedia, insya Allah. Ini kejutan baru kepada saya.

“Saya menyertai gelanggang politik (pun) secara mengejut, saya menjadi ketua pembangkang (pun) secara mengejut”."


* Clean and no baggage like the rest
* Credible and trustworthy
* Motherly figure and accepted by all
* Neither skeletons hidden in her closet nor worms in woodwork


* might not be agreeable to some Muslims for a woman PM
* Inexperience
* may be a proxy PM for Anwar

Many among us are fed up with all the bickering between wanna be macho males, TDM, Pak Lah, DSAI, LKS, Karpal and other clowns. A woman PM would be a nice change to the political theatre in this country. What Malaysia need is a new hope and a new beginning. She could provide the missing link in our political puzzle. A breath of fresh air and a new outlook for this country.

Dr Wan Azizah for PM, why not?

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