29 April 2008

Ibrahim Ali and the Katak Syndrome

When voting for the Parliament Deputy Speaker was completed yesterday, only 81 out of 82 PR MPs voted for Dr Tan Seng Giaw. Oppositions singled out PAS MP from Pasir Mas , Ibrahim Ali as the culprit. This failure of solidarity will hamper the opposition's effort to wrest over the Federal government in the coming months. PR should rethink and do more probability calculations, as having 30 MPs in their pocket might not be good enough to put up a no confidence vote in Parliament.

Having a simple majority with a razor thin margin is no way to rule a country. Anything can happen; when money talks, bullshit walks and principles go down the drain. PAS did a serious political misjudgment when they appointed Ibrahim Ali as their candidate for Pasir Mas in PUR12. PAS leaders committed a cardinal sin by not listening to grassroots dissatisfaction on his appointment. He is the only PAS MP who does not embrace the Islamic political principle of PAS.

Ibrahim Ali is known as a man having no political back bone. He was Mahathir's Chief Whip when he was in UMNO. Who hasn't heard his slinging match with Anwar defending Mahathir, recorded secretly during his last days with TDM? He then bad mouthed TDM after being kicked out of UMNO . He was released early during Operation Lallang because he willingly adhered to all conditions imposed by SB. His spirit was so easily broken after only a few hours of interrogations by SB. This is the sort of man Ibrahim Ali Al Kataki is made of.

PAS should kick Ibrahim Ali out of the party as soon as possible. He has become a liability to PAS and PR. I am not surprised if he lompat katak to UMNO again, although he is banned for life because UMNO is in dire state where any fools can jump in to make the numbers.

Then again, Politic is the art of the impossible.

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