16 April 2008

Interesting Times

Scenario 1
Pak Lah says he will contest the UMNO's presidency this year, then step down and handover the baton to Najib later. Would anybody believe him, after we have been fooled so many times; his denial in marrying Jeanne Danker and his denial in dissolving Parliament? If he wins, why would he hand it over to Najib? I imagine he would say "The rakyat still support me, and I will carry on this mandate to the next election".

If Pak Lah is challenged, likely to be Muhyiddin, then Najib wouldn't be prime minister in waiting anymore, unless Najib openly declared his candidacy before the party elections to keep away other predators from joining the fray. There will be a three cornered fight and the fight will be bloody. Ku Li will stay out of the race so as not to split votes, to let Muhyiddin wins.

Scenario 2
Pak lah decided not to contest the poll, and in this case Najib will go for the no.1 spot. Ku Li will offer himself for the presidency too. Najib will win hands down as he has solid backing from the grassroots.

Scenario 3
A coup in Parliament in the coming months may see the last of Pak Lah and BN. Dr Wan Azizah might likely be the first woman PM in Malaysia, albeit for a few months. Anwar will be the PM once he wins his Parliamentary seat in August.

The race for numero uno spot in Parliament has begun. It will be a dash and not a marathon. The fastest runner will win the race. Winner takes all.

Will it be Anwar or Najib?

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