29 April 2008

Anwar to contest in Kuala Kangsar?

rafidah azizThe Kuala Kangsar seat is currently held by Umno Wanita chief Rafidah Aziz. It is widely expected that her victory will be disputed through an election petition as her opponent had complained that Rafidah had not complied with election laws by signing certain documents. If the court decides that Rafidah's win is null and void, a by election will see Anwar contesting the seat. We will see the full weight of BN's machinery looming down on KK. It will surely be a battle royal with many political parties joining the fray.

Pressed on these issues today, Anwar quipped: "I am back already... There is the possibility of (contesting in) Kuala Kangsar and some other seats, I will discuss with the Opposition Leader."

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