08 April 2008

Sufiah oh Sufiah

I just want to add a little comment about this girl. As you know, being a Muslim,the western media will sensationalise this girl's episode. She has made her choice and nothing much we can do about it, except Doa'. If she wants to be famous, then she is already famous as a Maths prodigy at a tender age.

As a Muslim, she knows that committing zina is a heinous crime. Not only she admits loving her 'job' with clients, she even let her raunchy photos being published all over the world. No Muslim girl would do such thing, unless there are some other factors overidding her sanity.

My two sen opinion is that it is a way of getting back to her parents that has traumatised her during childhood i.e to exact revenge, so to speak. By doing all those things, she is trying to make her parents feel guilty and useless.

Let this be a lesson to all of us parents. Do not push too hard or the little fuse might blow. Off course we want the best for our kids, but know their limits and their potentials, Insyaallah our kids will go far and simultaneously be good Muslims too.

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