14 May 2008

Sabah Umno's demand

• More positions in the Cabinet and more senior portfolios for Sabah MPs. Sabah Umno cannot understand why Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib was made the Rural Development Minister and Selangor got four ministerial position when he did not contest the election and the richest state fell to the Opposition.

• The channelling of more government funds directly to Sabah state agencies and not through the Federal Development Department.

• The setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the alleged issuance of ICs to illegal immigrants and a more concerted effort to tackle the illegal immigrant problem. This issue is being pushed by Kadazandusun political parties such as Tan Sri Bernard Dompok’s UPKO. The Kadazandusuns feels that the influx of Indonesians and Filipinos has pushed them further to the edges of Sabah society.

• An increase in the oil royalty payment from 5 per cent to 20 per cent.

• The abolishment of the Cooking Oil Subsidy Scheme, where palm oil planters in the state pay a levy which subsidises cooking oil for the whole country.

• The encroachment of the Federal governments and its agencies into areas which were traditionally under the power of Sabah.

Will Pak Lah crumble to their demand or will Anwar entice them with more sweeteners? :#

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