24 May 2008

Batu Putih

As a true blue Johorean, losing Batu Putih to that Small Dot is not only disappointing but humiliating too. Some people tell us to get over losing the island and not to look at it as a loss of a valuable. There is no love lost between us Johoreans and Singaporeans. Losing the island is like loosing a part of you.

Rais Yatim say it is a win-win situation. How can we be winning when we are losing the priced jewel among the rocks. How can we be winning when that Small Dot is getting the bigger chunk when it is 25 nautical miles away compared to 7 nautical miles away for us. Rais Yatim was so confident of winning that he announce last week that we have a very strong case. Will someone check his law Phd. whether it is bogus.

Malaysia lost because of the letter written on 21 September 1953 by the Johore acting State Secretary (who is this guy anyway?) stating that the Johore Government does not claim ownership of the island. Hey, was this guy acting on behalf of the Sultan at that time?. Is his signature legal because he is only 'acting' on behalf of the State Secretary? I am not a Lawyer, but i smell something fishy there. When sovereignty is at stake, shouldn't ICJ relies on a more reliable evidence, e.g signature of the Sultan himself, rather than his subject?

If we don't have the fact and figures, we should not have brought this matter to ICJ. On hindsight we should have let the case hang and not bring it to arbitration. Then we could have still used the issue against Singapore perpetually. There are so many cases hanging unsolved. What is so special about this rock?

The whole Malaysian legal team should resign en masse. They have failed the country and should take the blame for losing our rightful territory.

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