23 May 2008

Indelible ink conspiracy: the truth will prevail

What they said:

Prime minister - the scrapping of the indelible ink was a cabinet's suggestion to EC, and not a directive.

Abdul Rashid (EC Chairman) - Cabinet had objected to the use of the indelible ink and that i was ordered to take the blame for the decision.

Syed Hamid Albar - EC’s decision to cancel the use of the indelible ink was based on ‘hearsay evidence’ received by the police and the EC’s move to call off the use of the ink was based on “unsubstantiated claims that elements of sabotage had been detected by the police”.

NIEI ( National Institute for Electoral Integrity) executive director Amin Iskandar - This is a conspiracy between the prime minister and the EC chairman to rob our rights (as voters).

Musa Hassan - four people were under investigation for buying the indelible ink from neighbouring countries and they were planning to use it on unsuspecting voters to create chaos on polling day.

Cikgu Bard (Badrul Hisham Shahrin) - They have received inside information that BN would lose government if the indelible ink were to be used, hence its cancellation. The conflicting statements given by the four parties involved - the cabinet, EC, IGP and AG - indicated a conspiracy behind this cancellation.

The truth will prevail.

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