11 May 2008

Flavour of the day : Sedition

What Karpal Singh said:

“Sultan Azlan Shah did not have any say, as the Ruler of Perak, in the decision made by the state government and, by law, the palace cannot order the state government to reinstate Jamry.”
[Source: NST]

What Zaid Ibrahim said:

“It’s important for everyone, including the monarch, to respect the law, and in this case the law is quite clear.”

“The discretion of the monarch in appointing the menteri besar is not an absolute personal discretion.”

“It has to be exercised in a way that the constitution expects,” he [Zaid] said, which is to appoint the person whose command of a majority in the state assembly was “very clear”.

“It is only in cases of a deadlock, where multiple parties are involved, that the ruler has the discretion to appoint the person he thinks has the support of the majority.”

“The palace should withdraw the appointment, which in the first place is not valid, because he has appointed someone without a majority.”
[Source: NST]

What PM said during the Terengganu MB's debacle:

“any appointment other than his (Idris Jusoh’s) is against the Constitution and not valid.”
[Source: NST]

I would not like to comment as it can be seditious!

Anyhow, which statement is seditious?

You be the judge.

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