22 May 2008

Kalau jumpa ular dan Nalla, pukul Nalla dulu

"He is lying. I don't believe him, and I don't trust him," Nalla said of Anwar when met by reporters in the lobby of Parliament this afternoon.

nallakaruppan abdullah parliament 210508 bNallakaruppan, who has previously said he had known Anwar personally for 30 years, had a falling out with the former deputy premier and current leader of Pakatan after claiming that he was ‘stabbed in the back' by Anwar.

According to Nallakaruppan, the falling-out was over the 2007 by-election in Ijok, Selangor as well as the contest for one of PKR's three vice-presidents' posts.

"This character and myself, we cannot get along. I tolerated him for 30 years. Now I want to stay away," he added.

Asked why he was doing so while certain parties were claiming Abdullah lacked leadership qualities and that Abdullah was on his way out, Nallakaruppan said he does not think Abdullah was a weak leader.

"He is a good leader. That's why I came to (express my) support," he said.

Asked further, Nallakaruppan said: "I have to trust my prime minister. I have to love my prime minister." :v

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