06 May 2008

Love and the Malaysian Mules

'Amore regge senze legge' (Love rules without rules), is an Italian proverb. How true is this proverb for some Malay women. In recent weeks we have seen cases of Malaysian women being duped as 'mules' carrying drugs all over the world, all in the name of love. Nearly 100 Malaysian girls are languishing in prisons in China, Peru, Malta and at other exotic places after being caught with drugs. All were cheated by their boyfriends and coerced to be drug mules. Most are highly educated and have good jobs back home, but after meeting their tall, dark and handsome new foreign boyfriends, they are willing to do anything for this Casanovas.

Malaysians are becoming targets as drug mules from drug syndicates because their passports don't require a visa for stays up to 90 days for most countries.

Also there are many cases of young Malay teenage girls taken to villages in Indonesia and marrying Indonesian illegal workers. Some were rescued, but many are still there, doing menial works. Some Malay girls ran away to Bangladesh after being swept away by their Shah Rukh Khans. Only after arriving at this villages, they face the painful realities of hard life. Carrying water buckets for miles and doing household works from dawn to dusk were part of their daily chores . All this in the name of love. Our porous borders does not help the situation too.

This is a new phenomena. What happen to some of this Malay girls? Why are they so easily duped to become drug mules? Why would young girls willing to follow their boyfriends to Indonesia and Bangladesh, living a hard life, forsaking their families and leaving the serenity of their homes?

These foreign men would shower the women with praises of how beautiful they are and the women would fall for them easily and be willing to commit anything to them. Many Malay women loves to watch Hindi love movies. They always imagine, some day a Shah Rukh Khan lookalike would come to them and swept them off their feet. They don't care if this Bangla guys came in old bicycles, the important thing is that they can relive the fantasies from this Hindi movies.

What this women need is family support. A proper advise from friends, families and even employers would help. A women would always brag of her new found love to friends and families. It is the responsibility of friends and families to check thorougly the background of the foreigners. Don't expect this girls to realise her misdemeanour. She is in seventh heaven.

Maybe Malay guys are not romantic enough. Maybe they are too preoccupied with their day to day living. A Casanova foreigner knows their prey. They know the weakness of our girls. What we need is a community support system. Friends and families should play their roles.

Just my two sens.


Anonymous said...

Pompuan melayu memang camtu, asyik tergila tengok filem hindustan, pas tu termimpi mimpi hero tadi. Agaknya in real life pun teringin sangat nak hidup cam filem tadi. Semua terbuai terbuai didalam fantasi.Tak berpijak dialam nyata. Aku cadangkan ban aje filem hindustan ni.Banyak kebaikan dari keburukan.

Anonymous said...

way to go

Anonymous said...

Nice article, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Gondrongg, jangan seditious nanti masuk jail...he he