20 June 2008

Public Transport

During the last petrol increase, Pak Lah says that RM 5 billion would be allocated to upgrade our public transportation system, especially in KL. Now, with another 40 percent petrol increase, more promises were made to uplift our poor public transport.

Of course, with our hot and humid weather, not many people would be rushing to change their travelling habits. In London, travelling by bus, trains and the tube is the preferred choice as they are more convenient, fast, on time and hassle free. In Singapore too, the public transport is first class.

With petrol now costing RM 2.70 per litre, we are feeling the pinch. Last month, with RM 50 you can still top up your Wira's tank, but now you need to pay RM 80. With everything up in tandem, using the public transport is the next best choice for most people.

I would suggest our Ministers including the Prime Minister try for themselves a taste of our public transport, especially the buses. Why not, once a week, our Ministers with their inflated entourage and bodyguards, travel from their homes to their offices, or even to Parliament and get the feel of it. It might be an exhilarating experience. Heck, you might even enjoy it too !

No point of asking us rakyat to change our lifestyle if you yourselves does not feel the hardship we are facing everyday, especially in using our transport system.

Please contemplate while sitting in your comfortable chair, that you are there because we voted you in. We might change our mind in another 4 years time.

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