26 June 2008

Pak Lah punishing penangites

It is hardly surprising that Penangites are being punished for voting in PR as the state government. In the RM9 mid-term review RM2 billion Penang Monorail and RM1.5 billion Penang Outer Ring Road have been shelved. Penang Outer Ring Road project have been on the drawing board for more than a decade and the RM2 billion Monorail project was dangled as a carrot to Penangites in PUR12. Penangites are not taking the bait and Gerakan state government were kick out unceremoniously.

If this is the way Penangites are treated, although it is Pak lah's home state, don't bet that Penangites will vote the BN government in the next general election. If Pak Lah continues with this blind vendetta, I am sure the PR government will be ruling Penang for many more years to come.

In announcing the mid term RM9 mid term review, Pak Lah is not giving us the confidence that he is on the right track in tackling our economic woes. By slashing budgets, he is not generating the development activities which can spur our country's economy. If Petronas is making tons of money from the global fuel hike, why can't we use that extra money to fund our development projects?

Of course we don't expect many brainy bright ideas coming from Pak Lah on revitalising our economy, but it seems all his economic advisers are also sleeping on the job.! Even the hefty increase in fuel prices by the government lacked proper planning as it could have been introduced gradually. Now prices of essential goods are going up and inflation will surely shoot up too. This is all due to Pak Lah's folly.

How can Pak Lah rebut charges that the cancellations of Penang projects are not vengeful when he could recently announce billion-ringgit allocations to Sabah and Sarawak to prevent them from jumping ship? Isn't that a form of political bribery?

Many do not think our country can achieve a growth of more than 5 percent and curbing inflation lower than 5 percent if we still have the same team managing our country's economy.

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