04 June 2008

Beginning of the end for Pak Lah

Ok folks, today we got the bad news that petrol is up by 40%, and next August no more subsidy for us all. Petrol will surely cost Rm4-Rm5. Come July, the electricity tariff is going to go up too. I am sure our water tariff is waiting in line. Traders will surely increase the prices of food and other essential goods.

And what does our leaders say,

Pak Lah told the public "not to question" how government funds saved from the slashing of subsidies - reportedly RM4.4 billion - would be spent.

"God willing I hope Malaysians will not demonstrate over this," PM said, referring to fury over earlier hikes in a country where public transport is poor and most people are reliant on their cars.

Najib urged the public to “change their lifestyle” . That is bullshit.

What is the point to work so hard on reducing the subsidy when our PM, DPM and gang are travelling all over the world with their expenses paid by us? If they just travel by ordinary first class instead of buying or using a jet solely for themselves, we need not be subject to so much of undue stress. The Malaysian government seems to be getting their priorities all wrong. Do it for the leaders firsts.

They should really learn how to live a normal life before teaching the rakyat to ‘change our lifestyle’.

All this will not go down well with the rakyat. Come August 2008, the people will be burdened again with the increase in fuel prices. The cost of living will spiral. Malaysia, one of the richest countries in South East Asia with an abundance of resources and minerals and that was once the envy of Singapore, has been raped and bruised by Mahathir and Pak Lah. These two leaders do not think of the citizens, instead they scheme at every opportunity to enrich themselves and their families.

The people of Malaysia are not interested in who will kick whose butt come September 2008 or December 2008. The people will support the one who will care for their welfare. The most important areas are our food and medical bills.

Thank you for voting BN. This is the price that you have to pay.

The Malay says, "Padan muka hang" ! :D

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