20 June 2008

Johore Sultan to reclaim Batu Putih?

This news from M. Soorian's Evenue of Expression.

JOHOR BARU: The Sultan of Johor said he would never forget that Pedra Branca was part of Johor and would do whatever it takes to reclaim the rock. Sultan Iskandar had used a significant platform to express his views on the Pedra Branca's sovereignty when he said this in his opening speech for the first term of the 12th State Assembly at the Bukit Timbalan here yesterday."I would like to remind all that I have not forgotten Batu Puteh (Pedra Branca). It was not Singapore's but Johor's. Forever, I shall look for ways to return it to Johor."He earlier read a prepared speech calling the elected state assemblymen to fulfil their responsibilities with honesty, sincerity and full understanding of the people's needs.At the end of the 10-minute speech officiating at the opening of the assembly, Sultan Iskandar continued with the impromptu remark, firmly expressing his feelings on Pedra Branca.Meanwhile, Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, in response to the sultan's speech, said the state government was clear on the sultan's expression."We heard him loud and clear," he said but declined to elaborate................

Well, as a true blue Johorean, I can understand how the Johore Sultan feels about it. The ICJ has made their ruling, so there is no way to appeal or change the decision, even if we discover that long lost letter.

As i see it, Batu Putih can be reverted to Malaysia IF Singapore WILLINGLY hand it over to Johore. But will there be any chance they will do it? There are a few possibilities........

Johore Sultan still has many valuable parcels of land in Singapore. The land is worth millions or even billions of Sing Dollars and the Singapore government can't do much about it. It is now left iddling without any development.

If the Sultan of Johore is so sentimental about Batu Putih, he can offer an exchange, i.e his parcels of land in Singapore with Batu Putih. That will surely set BG Lee thinking long and hard.

Singaporean being Kiasu, will surely make a decision in their favour (not win-win, but i win-you lose), and I am sure they will choose to take the land. What is the use of a piece of rock in the middle of nowhere? Anyway, they can lease Pedra Branca from Johore if the deal goes through.

Another idea, is to send Johore Millitary Force (JMF) to invade Batu Putih, same as how the Americans invaded Iraq. With some old rifles and 200 Horse Power Attack Sampan, JMF can invade and hold Batu Putih for a few minutes. But then, I am sure SAF will vaporised them in no time. This idea is of course far fetched.

I am sure my first idea will work, if we are so sentimental about getting back Batu Putih.

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