30 June 2008

Flavour of the day : SODOMY

The sodomy allegation is a stale one. DSAI opponents has nothing new on their sleeve. DSAI has gone through even worse than what is being said, God willing he will sail through this turbulence.

The complainant alleged that he was sodomised without his consent. That means RAPE. Now, how credible can the story be, if a young 23 year old, well build and healthy person was raped by a 60 year old man with a back problem? Unless he was drugged or being overpowered and pinned down by a few burly guys, before being raped by the 60 year old rapist! I pity the doctor who will examine the complainant's butt to search for anal trauma needed to prove the incident.

We all sympatise with DSAI's family, as they have to go through the scenario again. His opponents are getting very personal, and this whole thing is getting out of hand. We hope DSAI and family will presevere through this sodomy storm.

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