16 June 2008

Ecm Libra wins again!

As you all know, Ecm Libra Financial Group Bhd. has a big stake in Pos Malaysia Berhad. Dato’ Seri Kalimullah is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ECM Libra.

Recently, PMB was given the job of giving out the cash rebates to replace of fuel subsidy. It is quite odd on why JPJ was not given this role but instead it was given to a postal service company.

Let us calculate what Ecm Libra makes from this cash rebates:

For every transaction, Pos Malaysia Bhd. (PMB) will get RM6.25 for cars and RM1.50 for motorcycles in the form of transaction fees.

There is about 11 million cars and 8 million motorcycles in this country at the moment. Let’s do the math :

RM6.25 x 11 millions = RM68.8 million (for cars)

RM1.50 x 8 millions = RM12 million (for motorcycles)

A cool RM 80.8 million EVERY YEAR.

Let us all buy PMB shares.

They are making a killing from the rakyat's misery.

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