19 June 2008

No Confidence motion

SAPP's decision to move a no confidence motion against Pak Lah's government in Parliament this Monday is a watershed in the country's 50 year old history. Of course the motion from two SAPP's parliamentarian will carry no weight, but their bravery to confront the once mighty BN is applaudable.

While three major BN coalition partners - MCA, MIC and Gerakan - had immediately thrown their support for the embattled Pak Lah, tongues are wagging whether any BN's MP will support the motion. It is also interesting to see whether Ibrahim Ali Al Kataki will join the bandwagon?

A push from within ruling coalition Barisan Nasional for an unprecedented
no-confidence vote against the premier shows the leadership has lost all credibility, says Ku Li.

"In its management of the economy this leadership has lacked vision and shown a disturbing inability to plan and execute," he said, criticising a recent fuel price hike that has triggered public protests.

Razaleigh said that instead of listening, the leadership was silencing calls for reform and suppressing democratic processes within the ruling party.

"If our leaders refuse to face reality, I fear the worst for the party and this government," said the political veteran, a member of Malaysia's royalty who has again offered himself as an alternative leader.

This move is seen by analyst as the first step taken by DSAI to unseat Pak Lah and take over power by 16 Setember 2008. There will be more interesting moves on the way to rattle the present government.

It was a big mistake by Pak Lah and Shahril to increase the petrol price, and make themselves very unpopular, while they are still standing on shaky grounds.
Let us watch and see the interesting spectacle that is going to unfold in the coming months. The race is on for the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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