16 July 2008


It was a new dawn for Malaysia's political scene when a government minister was pitted against an opposition leader live on television. Never in our wildest dream, the debate of such nature would be telecast live by the government. This seems to open up a new era in maturity for our BN leaders. Surely it must have got the go ahead from the PM himself.

This surely is a significant milestone in Malaysian politics as we venture down the path to becoming a more matured democracy.

But just a few hours later, all our hopes for a new Malaysia were dashed when Anwar again were arrested UTK styled, men with balaclava snatching Anwar away to IPK. For a moment we thought that we were still living in Mahathir's era!

Why can't the police act professionally and show some dignity and respect to Anwar. The manner at which Anwar was arrested shows that the police is acting in bad faith. He is not a common criminal nor he is a terrorist.

Anwar was at the ACA headquarters in Putrajaya earlier giving his statement regarding his claims that the IGP and AG had fabricated evidence in his black eye assault back in 1998 and had appealed to the ACA to let him off early to make his appointment with the police, to which they agreed. The arrest came over an hour before the deadline set for him to report to the city police headquarters.

Will Anwar be treated decently by the police? Doesn't the AG and IGP has a bone to pick with Anwar?

I hope Pak Lah, in all his gentle decency, kindness and fairness, step in and accord the rights of Anwar, as a human being with respect and dignity.

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