14 July 2008


KL folks were today caught up with a massive traffic jam as police set up roadblocks to all roads leading to KL city center. Roadblocks were set up, hopefully to impede the flow of protesters trying to demonstrate in front of Parliament in supporting a possible debate of no confidence in Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

Police also came to Anwar’s home yesterday and presented the court order restricting him from going near parliament today. If Anwar breaches the order, he could be arrested and charged in court. The court order will allow the police to arrest on sight if Anwar and opposition supporters are spotted within five kilometres of Parliament.

Why is the police acting so hysterically and acting overboard in their zealousness to prevent Anwar's supporters from coming to KL? Why waste precious manpower doing unnecessary and senseless roadblocks that causes hardship to thousands of road users? In fact the police are not doing any security search but just wave traffic through. It is just another ploy to pit the public sentiment against the opposition.

This is another example of our Police top brass getting so paranoid over an unimportant issue. They should be cracking their heads in solving our rising crime rate instead. As this is Monday, and a working day, I doubt there will be a handful of hardcore supporters intending to demonstrate in front of Parliament in the hot afternoon.

Last week the rakyat were 'intimidated' when the Army was training with the Police to prevent the 'impending public disorder' during the fuel hike protest, and now the numerous roadblocks to prevent demonstrations at Parliament. What next?.

Malaysia now looks no different from the other Banana Republics. No wonder Malaysia has been lumped in the good company of Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago by the UK government.

Hail to Pak Lah for this 'triumph'.

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