17 July 2008


*The two policeman chit chat, while we suffer in the traffic jam.

The police are still manning roadblocks around the city. Thousands were caught off guard this morning and spend many hours in the bumper to bumper crawl towards the city. Why is the police so paranoid with Anwar Ibrahim?

If this is their ploy to pit the public sentiment against the opposition, then they are DEAD WRONG!.

What ever little sympathy that the public have for the police is now all quash by their stupid actions.

Do not think that by having roadblocks and causing mindless jams will make the public more incensed towards the oppositions. On the contrary, more are supporting Anwar than ever before.

This only shows how the ruling party is panic-stricken and terrified by the thought of Anwar grabbing power by 16 September 2008.

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