17 July 2008


  • Anwar was arrested by commando styled balaclava clad policemen, although he pose no threat to the country's security. Malaysia is not a Banana Republic. Who gave the instruction?
  • Roadblocks were set up by police to deter phantom demonstrators while thousands of commuters slog it out on the road, wasting thousands of economic man hours and wastage of petrol. Who's great idea was it?
  • The Ringgit has fallen 5 percent since July.
  • Inflation is more than 6 percent (some analyst say as high as 8 percent and climbing).
  • The Rakyat is feeling the pinch of rising food prices.
  • Malaysia's stocks slump to a one year low yesterday.
  • Cost of Government tendered projects are up by 30-50 percent since the fuel hike.
  • Steel is Rm5,500 per ton, and increasing. It was Rm3,500 per ton a few months ago. Developers will surely raise the cost of building houses soon.
  • Cost of most building materials are up by more than 30 percent since the fuel increased.
Whoever is in charge, please govern Malaysia now before it is too late!!

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