08 July 2008


Nothing to do with sex, you dummy.......... This is a simple and proven fat burning exercise.

First two minute, do a level 5. Nice brisk walk in the park (level 5). Shock your body on the third minute by going into a level 7 for one minute. Yes ladies, that is running. Minute four and five, back down again to a level 6. Brisk walk again. Go hard again to a level 8 for one more minute after that. Again, your breathing should increase intensely by this time, back off again to a level 6 for another two minutes. Keep this cycle over and over between level 8 (one minute) and level 6 (two minutes). Now at some point, you can replace level 8 with level 9. That is one level lower than you being chased by a crazy dog! Once you twenty minutes is up.. do some light walking (level 3) to cool down. Then you're done.

How do you know you burn enough fat and not cheat on the intensity. Simple: Right after you're done with your 20 minute solution, look at your stopwatch and count your pulse. How many beats per minute is it? If it is 80% from your maximum heart rate, you did your job of burning fat. What is 80% of maximum heart rate? The formula is: 220 minus (your age) times 80%. Whatever number you come up with must be the number of beats per minute after you're done with this exercise.

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