06 July 2008


I thought Anwar's speech was a bit short and tame. Most probably he is tired due to all the traveling. The significant thing is Anwar's willingness to swear by the Quran denying the recent charges (BUT only if he is charged in the syariah court, which will not happen anyway!). Anyhow it was amazing to see so many people in red, young and old, supporters of PKR, DAP, PAS, HINDRAF, Malays, Chinese, Indians, and people from all walks of life protesting the fuel hike. I thought i would never see in my life time, all races joining hands to protest against the BN government. Two police helicopters were seen hovering above the stadium with their search light pointing downwards. The pilot must been having lots of fun playing with their search light pointing towards the protesters while wasting expensive helicopter fuel funded by the public!

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