02 August 2008

Will BN boycott Permatang Pauh by-election?

Some say it will be a walk in the park for Anwar Ibrahim. Permatang Pauh has been a bastion for PKR since the last few elections and it is still Anwar's die hard supporters haven. Will this be Ezam's grave or Pirdaus's third time 'Pie-On-The-Face ordeal'? Will BN boycott the by-election as it is a sure win for Anwar?

Of course BN will not just sit pretty and let Anwar walk into Parliament without a hitch. The conspirators will be conjuring all type of tricks to make sure Anwar will not be MP.

Anwar will surely be arrested and charge with sodomy in the coming days. The Government's media, TV3, RTM, Star, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and all the stupid tabloids will be leaking 'secrets' potraying him as a gay, homosexual, sex maniac, molester, rapist, sadist, sodomist and other nonsense. They will be a propaganda blitz to tarnish his image and win the hearts and minds of the Permatang Pauh's voters through unfair and dirty means. We have seen this tactic use by BN's Propaganda Machinery many a times.

But times are changing. The Rakyat is not stupid and not easily swayed anymore by BN's Propaganda Machine. Recent polls by Merdeka Centre indicate this:

Although Anwar is an enigma and polarises opinion, the Rakyat still has high hopes that he will be the man who will bring Malaysia to a new greater height and the only person who can truly challenge the present shaky BN government.

Anwar is the glue that holds the odd couple, DAP and PAS together. Without him it is hard to imagine how the coalition could continue to function or challenge for government.

He is Malaysia's only hope.

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