17 August 2008


Which type of Malay are you:

1] The Political Islamist.

Those that support PAS, ABIM, JIM, etc etc. They will go to extremes in achieving their political goals of an Islamic State. Amongst them are degrees of extremities.

2] The Spiritual Islamist.

Those that follows the Tabligh and Tarikat groups. They are mostly searching for spiritual fulfilments and cleansing their own souls while letting others pass bye.

3] The Nationalist.

UMNO, GPMS, etc etc. They are nominal Muslims [meaning they do the minimum 5 prayers, Ramadhan fasting etc]. Amongst them too are degrees of extremities. Some join UMNO for richness and fame. Most are racists though.

4] The modern secularist and Liberals.

They love music, entertainment-centric, usually coming from middle to upper class. Many are ignorant of their religion or identity as Malay. They do not care about others or what happens to the country as long as they can enjoy life to the fullest. Life is only for entertainment. They plan to get close to religion when they are old and close to death hoping to enter Heaven on a subsidy ticket. Again, amongst them are degrees of leanings.

5) The Fence Sitter.

They are naive and easily become susceptible to indoctrination and cadre-training, by UMNO, PAS, PKR, JIM, ABIM, PPKIM . They don't support any party but most support individuals or personalities. Most Malays are in this category.

6) The Lark.

Those that have attitude problems, naive and having problems of dysfunctional family, financial, social attitudes, parochial, or at the other extreme too modern and secular and sex deviant. The Mat Rempit, Pengkid, Bohsias and Borjans ultimately becomes menace to society.

So which group are you?


Anonymous said...

Dear Zack,

I am a modern, single lady. I love music and I love arts. I love my country and I have great interest in politics. I belief in religion and I practise in moderation. I love life and I appreciate every moment of it. I am happy and I feel fulfilled. Life is beautiful to me.

I am a Malay.


zack said...

Salam yb4all,
Well i guess you are in another group, should i termed it, The Lurker!i.e always in the background and looking at things in the distant. I think most of us are like that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zack, I love sunsets and I have my collection too. It's not always that you find people who share this. Cheers.

yb4ll lurking

zack said...

Haha. you are one of those romantic fools too!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zack, that's a compliment, "romantic fools", hmm, sounds nice. Yes, only fools knows fools. How so in common we are and yet so different.

I suppose it's the same in playing politics, where enemies are friends and v verca, politicians are never losers.


zack said...

Someone said maturity means that one is no more a romantic fool. When One understands life, one understands the responsibility of life and one understands the struggles of life. So it means we are not mature yet....haha.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zack, you make life sound so complex. In within me, there is still the child that doesn't seem to want to grow with age. I also have the woman, the man and the others that intertwine itself to make the me. My responsibility is to myself and to those who wish to share. Yes Zack, I am mature but yet so immature and I like that.