22 August 2008

A vote for Anwar is a vote against tyranny.

Friends have ask me numerous times. Which side do i support? Well if you have read all my postings, BN/PKR is not my cup of tea. So who do i support in Permatang Pauh?

Of course one has to take sides ultimately. This is not the time to be apathetic. I don't fancy Anwar, actually. This man has made mistakes and done many wrongs in the past.I have yet to trust him completely. For a man, originally an Islamist, but then turned into a Nationalist and now a Liberalist, he is the ultimate chameleon, changing colours according to his crowd and playing to the gallery.

But 6 years in jail, must have change him. 6 years in jail would change any man. Malaysians needs a savior, someone who could transform our country for the betterment of the rakyat. We need a Che Guevara, we need a Ghandi and we need someone who could change the political landscape of this country and she becoming a better nation.

The change must be done now. This is a battle for Malaysia.

BN has gone too far. All the corruptions, the rascism and the bad governance has not gone well with the rakyat. PUR12 was the beginning of the avalanche. The rakyat is not stupid anymore. Anwar should wrap the show now. Anwar should be in Parliament and we hope Anwar should lead us to a new dawn.

All the mudslinging, personal attacks and dirty tactics by BN against Anwar will only backlash against them during voting time. Don't BN have anymore decorum, etiquette , good manners and taste!

Yes, I hope that Anwar wins and wins big. Let us show BN that the rakyat is the real Boss.

Enough is enough. This is a battle for Malaysia.

Vote Anwar Ibrahim into Parliament.

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