26 August 2008

15 reasons why you should vote for Anwar Ibrahim

1. Uplifting the status of the poor Malays is the first challenge Anwar Ibrahim has pledged to fulfill. He ensures that the grassroots Malays will get all government assistance and financial aid without any hindrance.


2. Anwar is the first champion of anti-cronyism in Malaysia. His struggle started right from the days when he fought to eliminate Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s cronies from ripping off the wealth of this country.

3. Freedom for the judiciary is another promise of Anwar. He wants to make sure that the judiciary is completely free from the fetters of the executive power, the power that rules this country.

4. Freedom of the press is another challenge that Anwar has taken to undetake if he comes to power. He will make sure that the press is independent of control from the government and would express the true aspirations of the people.

5. PKR vice-president R Sivarasa has pledged that he will personally draft the repeal of the ISA act and make sure that people are not detained without due trial. This decision has been endorsed by Anwar and will be fulfilled at all cost.

6. This is the first time a leader has boldly said that this country belongs to all without the discrimination of race, religion and creed. He speaks of Malaysia and not Malay dominance.

7. Anwar is the first reformist trying to wrest control of the country from a strong system controlled by a few politicians and their cronies. The system was so strong that nobody could do anything in this country to change it. Anwar has the guts to challenge this system.

8. Anwar is the first person to check the absolute power of the police force and make them answerable to the people. He wants the police force to answer to the legislative powers of this country. He will stop abuse of police powers.

9. Anwar is the first leader to suffer in jail and sacrifice for the sake of the people. Any body in his place would have conceded defeat against the mighty system of the government.

10. He has promised to bring to book all those criminals who have misused their power to amass wealth at the expense of making the poor more poor.

11. Anwar has promised that there will be no interference by politicians in education, business, and social reforms. NGOs will not be controlled by government agencies.

12. The petrol price will come down the day Anwar takes his oath of premiership. He will do it because he has the expertise, experience and the exposure.

13. Anwar will bury racial discrimination in this country and he will unite this country under one banner called ‘United Malaysians’.

14. Anwar has all the capacity to bring in foreign investment to keep this country on the fast track of progress.

15. Anwar knows what is suffering as he has experienced it over the last ten years. This experience will make him a great role model for this country.

He will definitely win for all these fifteen reasons.

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