27 August 2008

Why BN was 'sodomised' in Permatang Pauh?

Dubious BN strategy that backfired on them.

  • Screening of Saiful's swearing doesn't go well with the locals but instead sowing more hatred towards BN.
  • Nalla and Ezam startling admission unbelievable and laughable.
  • Najib's unofficial swearing in mosque is perceived as mocking the religion.
  • Hamzah Zainuddin recapping old tales as though there are no more new issues.
  • KJ brash and cocky statements perceived as arrogant by the common folks.
  • Police show of strength as though the Permatang Pauh crowd is unruly and rowdy.
  • People are fed up with the TV and media one sided and bias news reporting.
  • BN Ministers half-hearted and superficial campaigning.
  • Personal attacks by BN towards Anwar is immoral, unethical, unprincipled and uncivilised.
  • Arif dubious Phd paper chase reflects the man's low education ability and aptness.
  • Numerous Puteri Umno cry wolf.
  • DNA bill hastily passes through Parliament to pin Anwar.
  • People not buying Saiful's swearing.
  • EC holding the election during a working day to deny people from voting.
  • Police roadblocks hindering voters.
There are thousands of other reasons why Permatang Pauh reject BN.

The truth is: The rakyat wanted a change.

1 comment:

Ghifari X said...

What will they do next?
This is what Pandikar Amin said, as reported in The Star today:
"I do not see any urgency for me to fix a quick date. For all you
know, the newly elected MP may want to go for a holiday first,
or even for an umrah before coming to the Dewan Rakyat," he
said yesterday.
This isn't a BN/UMNO candidate, what Umrah what holiday is it the same - a`uzhoo billah!
Like the late Dt. Mazlan visiting Umrah while soliciting the aid and giving thanks to deviants under the Devil's charm.
These vagrants in UMNO believe performing Umrah with other peoples money and loads of ill deed knowingly and deliberately conjured is the way all Muslims behave.
Well I have news for the Monafik; DSAI won fair and square therefore his first calling is to be present in the Dawan ASAP.
PKR responsibility is to the people which is meaningful and genuine change.
GOD will be pleased, trust me.

Go to hell! Zoo Keeper, Open the doors of the Dewan Encik Pandikar Amin and stop using phony excuses. You Shameless monafik.

Stop insulting our nation's intelligence and institutions. Let us urge our KING to step in now. Swear DSAI in at the His Majesty's Royal residence its enough.