05 February 2009

PR lost the battle but not the war.........

It is advisable that Ir. Nizar step down gracefully from the MB's post. Ir. Nizar's defiance may lead to a collision course with the the Sultan and this may tarnish the image of PR. PR.may have lost the power play and the battle for Perak today but they have not lost the war yet. 

BN's position is still precarious with a slim three majority advantage. The three 'berok' case will be heard in court soon so there's  still a possibility of PR returning to power.

1. The court will decide the validity of the three undated pre-signed letter to vacate their seat if they defect. If the court rules that the letter is valid, then the three seats will be vacant, BN will have no more majority in the state assembly, hence a by election or snap election will occur. PR's win in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Trengganu are good indicators of the rakyat's support for PR.

2. I am sure the three 'berok' will be treated like pariahs in their constituencies. There will be no place for them to hide. People will be watching their lifestyles. Their life won't be normal again as no man is an island. They will be miserable from now on. People will spit at them. One day they will make a wrong move.

3. The two ex-PKR 'berok' corruption case will be heard soon. I don't think Najib will be so stupid as to instruct AG to drop their corruption case. If they are indicted, then there will be by elections too. 

4. Perakians will again reject BN in PUR 13.   Mark my word.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! I share the same opinion with you on all points you've raised. No point to lean on the lost battle but focus on the war coming ahead.