20 February 2009

Perak debacle:Our leaders are all dimwits....

What our leaders say about Speaker V.Sivakumar for suspending Zambry and 'exco'.

Pak Lah : '...disrespecting the Sultan's decision...', '...no snap election...'

Zahid Hamidi: '....act of treason.....'

Khir Toyo: '...learn from suspension of your party mates.....'

Ahmad Shabery Cheek: '...i am sure if they have more power, they will misuse them too...'

Azalina Othman: '...no logic and suspension politically motivated...'

Noh Omar: '....power crazy and syok sendiri...'

Muhammad Taib: '...not the way to do things....'

The guys (Azalina included!) are all talking shit as they are all numbskulls and dimwits. What they are lacking in intelligence, they more than makes up for in stupidity!!

Read this and interpret yourself Standing Orders 72(2) no 89 and 90.

89. The decision of Mr. Speaker upon any point of interpretation of any of these Standing Orders, or upon any matter of practice, shall subject to substantive motion moved for that purpose, be final, and Mr. Speaker may from time to time issue rulings thereon.

90. All matters not specifically provided in these Standing Orders and all questions relating to the detailed working of these Standing Orders shall be regulated in such manner, no inconsistent with these Standing Orders, as Mr. Speaker may from time to time directs; and in giving any such direction Mr. Speaker shall have regard to the usages of Commonwealth Parliamentary practice so far as such usages can be applied to the proceedings of the Assembly.

By seeing the Speaker and getting the order direct from him personally, Zambry and his excos inevitably recognise V. Sivakumar as the valid Perak Speaker. Period.

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