09 February 2009

Hee, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

For someone who has been the DAP party member for 20 years, there must be a strong reason why she betrayed her constituency and her party. Her act of treachery led to the downfall of PR that had appointed her, to be the first woman polio victim Deputy State Speaker of the Perak Assembly.

Perakians must be disgusted with her right now , as wherever she goes in Ipoh, people are spitting at her for this despicable act. Never mind the other two morons, because this two bird brain were already a gone case when they were 'caught' with the BN money sting.

But Hee Yit Foong was never in any controversies before. She was well look after PUR12 and was appointed the Deputy State Speaker for her loyalty to the party for the last 20 years.

Why did she betray her constituency and party now? Was she scorned by Nga & Ngeh, and exploded like a fury?

The clerk-turned-politician was said to have been upset with the state party leadership for not getting her a new official car when the Pakatan Rakyat chose Toyota Camrys over Proton Perdanas.

For some people this might be a small thing but for this woman, the issue brought down the whole PR government in Perak! I bet she is having hormonal imbalance and this is causing her emotional instability. Maybe Dr Mah Hang Soon can prescribe her some HRT treatments later on.

Why bother with the Camry, heck, probably she can afford a Ferrari now!

So, do not scorned a woman unnecessarily.................

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