07 November 2008

Change in America, will there be change in Malaysia?

When Abdullah Badawi took power from Mahathir, the rakyat was in a joyous mood then. After 22 years of Mahathir's dictatorial rule, for once there was a gleam of hope when Abdullah Badawi came to power. BN won with a record number of seats in Parliament because he promised changes and reforms.

After 4 years, he was a massive disappointment, as nothing has changed and all were empty promises. The resentment led to the deprivation of Barisan National two-thirds majority in Parliament and a dagger threat hanging over the government with a power grab by Pakatan Rakyat.

Abdullah Badawi has failed to reform the goverment and civil service, he has failed to reform the police and the judiciary, he has failed to reform the media and the economy and he has failed to reform all the unjust laws.

Money politics has reared it's ugly head again and it seems those dabbling with money politics will be elected as UMNO's top guns and ultimately they will be our leaders. Nothing has changed so far.

There is a big change in the USA when Obama becomes President but will there be any change in Malaysia now?

Anwar has gone quiet! and Najib is stuck with so many issues, of murky murders and corruptions, and a barrage of other allegations. Our economy will be battered in the coming months when the turbulence of US economic downturn hit our shores.

We pray that the changes in the foreseeable future won't be for the worst. Anwar should forget about his role as PM-in-Waiting. He should play an effective role as head of the opposition and be the 'checks and balances' to the present government.

Those in power and the opposition has been playing politics for so long and we do not have good governance so far. The country has been in auto mode when Abdullah Badawi took over.

We hope Najib will have the wisdom, understanding and strength to lead Malaysia next year and hopefully Malaysia will have good governance for years to come.

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