29 October 2008

Saei Safa Marwah-some recent pics

Picture was taken on the 23rd of Ramadan 2008. Although it was the fasting time, hundred thousands of people can be seen doing the Umrah. The final league of the Umrah is a 3.5 km walk from Safa to Marwah. In normal times, one can walk 3.5 km leisurely within one hour, but when one walks with thousands of 'buddies' within a confine area during fasting time, the walk becomes very tough and a big test for one's iman and perseverance.

As can be seen from the picture, people from all walks of life, the men wearing two pieces of white cloth, walks shoulder to shoulder, praising and making dua' to Allah during the one hour journey.

The 'original' saei on the ground floor has been widen to double its capacity from the original size. Work is still going on to widen the upper floors. I foresee the work can be completed next year as workers are doing the final touches.

One has to timed correctly when doing the Umrah as not to accidentally joining into the peak crowd. The best time is after the Suboh prayers or before mid afternoon. I have timed myself doing the Saei on the top floor when it was not so crowded. For a one way Safa/Marwah or Marwah/Safa, a brisk walk is about 4 minutes. So for seven circuit, one can complete the Saei within 30 minutes.

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