08 September 2008

For the Rakyat: austerity drive, For BN MPs: Overseas trip.....spend spend spend??

In the wake of the recent fuel increases, the dismal economy and the near double figure inflation, the government told us to change our lifestyles and tighten our belt. Government departments were also instructed to trim down their budget and go on an austerity drive.

But for BN MPs, they can go on a sponsored 'holiday' overseas to learn new technology on farming. Haven't we heard that before, MPs and Council Councillors making countless trip overseas in the name of technology transfer or technical visits, but in actual fact they are wasting public fund with the public paying for their holiday.

So after this overseas trip, can we expect the BN Backbenchers to contribute whatever they have learn in improving our agricultural technology? Will they have a meaningfull debate in Parliament and find ways to improve the living standards of our rubber tappers and vegetable growers?

This is just BN way in pulling wool over our eyes to thwart the 16 September dateline. Are they so damn stupid, believing that, if they can prevent MP jumping ship by 16 September, the present corrupt BN government will be intact forever?

There will be 16 October, 16 November, 16 December,............. for them to deal with.

Will BN come up with other 'brilliant ideas' to prevent the inevitable...............

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Anonymous said...

diaorg makan angin... dan cari ilham nak lompat parti atau tak