10 September 2008

Ahmad Ismail's defiance will boost PR's takeover of the BN government

Ahmad Ismail considers himself as not an ordinary Malay. He called himself an ultra nationalist. He is Penang UMNO's point-man and has the support of all UMNO warlords in Penang. His defiant behaviour reflects the defiance of the whole UMNO stooge in Penang. Even Pak Lah cannot tell them what to do. His bold disobedience to PM's instruction is supported by UMNO Penang.

UMNO has lost support of the Malays in Penang. The recent by election in Permatang Pauh showed that more than 60 percent of the Malays supported PKR, and that means for every three Malays, two of them supported the opposition.

By being loud now, they are trying to be relevant to the Malay community. They are playing the racial card and sentiment because they are desperate and losing ground. By trying to incite anger and hatred among the Penang Malays, they hope to be hailed as heroes and be relevant again.

The writer lived in Penang for many years and is well versed with all the politicking within UMNO there. The post of Ketua Cawangan and Bahagian UMNO will open up many doors to richness and great wealth. They will be brushing shoulders with the high and mighty of Malaysian politics as they are the King maker. Come party elections, there will be many infighting and corruptions to fish for votes. Even Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Penang is a political vehicle for these racial bigots.

The simple fact is that the Penang Malays are being betrayed by their UMNO leaders. The Malay community is still backward. They still live in shanty towns, the likes of Dhoby Ghaut, Kg Sg Pinang, Kg Valdor, Kg P Ramlee, Kg Ayer, Kg Melayu, Kg Sapuloh, Kg Jawa, Teluk Jelutong etc etc. There has not been any serious attempt to upgrade the living standards of Penang Malays. The crime rates and drug addictions among Penang Malay youth are high too.

But for Penang UMNO leaders, they live in huge bungalows, are always seen chauffeur driven in their gleaming Mercedes around town and have coffee talks in the best of hotels. For them, being a Ketua Bahagian UMNO is the pinnacle of their career, all the hard work, buying votes and lobbying to climb to the top has paid off. It is now pay back time for most of them.

The looming thread of 916 has send shivers down their spine. Anwar's civil society will make them obsolete. There will be no more contracts, chairmanship, import permits, free shares, pink forms, taxi permits, etc etc. They will become poor and powerless. There will be no more respect for them and most probably some will be put to trial, found guilty and send to jail. This spectre is unimaginable to them.

The Malaysian people has attained the political maturity as what can be seen in the recent General Elections. Malaysians will reject the bait to fan the flames of anger, and recognise this tactic by racist politicians who resort to gutter politics to cling to power that is slipping from them.

Ahmad Ismail's antic will only hasten PR takeover bid from the sinking BN government.

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