29 September 2009

If Isa Samad wins, this will be the beginning of the end for UMNO....

It will be interesting to know who UMNO pick as their candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. Will Najib go for a sure win guy or will they pick someone fresh and clean? Considering that Isa Samad is so wildly popular with the UMNO folks in Bagan Pinang, will Najib bend to their wishes?

It is so sad that the UMNO people in Bagan Pinang still chooses someone who's character is tarnished with corruption. If Isa Samad is nominated, this will signal the beginning of the end of UMNO. Isa Samad has been there at the top for so long, and he was within a whisker of winning one of the top post in UMNO and ultimately the post of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. He had his days, enjoyed all the benefits and now he should retire quietly.

Why would the good UMNO folks in Bagan Pinang still back Isa Samad as a candidate? This is a case of hero worshipping by the local UMNO folks. Hero worshipping is entrenched in the Malay culture. We hero worshiped Dr Mahathir and become blind to his wrong doings. Some hero worshiped Anwar Ibrahim although he did not do much for our country. The Bagan Pinang folks hero worshiped Isa Samad as he is the local warlord and had contribute many a splendid things to them. They still hero worshiped him although he is corrupt and convicted of money politics.

If UMNO chose a fresh face as a candidate, I am sure the local UMNO voters will show their disagreement by voting for the opposition. So what if UMNO loses a by-election? At least it shows Najib as a man of principle and does not kowtow to corruption and money politics.

If Isa Samad is pick and wins, then I am sure in the next by-election, we will hear the name of Rahim Thambi Chik as the next candidate.

Au revoir UMNO.

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