17 April 2009

Another By-Election in Penanti: Damned, don't you all get tired?

Here we go again. Another tussle between UMNO and PKR with MCA, MIC, DAP, PAS, and some independent monkeys entering the fray. This time it is not because a YB passed away, but PKR need to find a person good enough to be the DCM of Penang. Don't you all get tired of all the many by-elections in this country?

Our country is facing the worst recession ever. People are losing jobs and crime rates are increasing, yet politicians will be throwing millions of Ringgit to win the by-election. We will again see dirty linen wash in public and brickbats thrown against each other.

When will our politicians be united and face the global economic crisis? They should be putting their heads together to improve our livelihood rather than clashing against each other to win a by-election.

Some see this as a political move by PKR. They believed that Umno could use the graft charges to force Fairus jumping ship, as what they have done in Perak. To ward off this possibility, PKR leaders had to move fast to force Fairus to quit and pave the way for a by-election.

By asking Fairus to resign, it still shows a blatant disregard by PKR for Malaysian's wishes of having a stable government to avert the looming economic crisis.

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