06 February 2010

Will the Perak saga end this coming Tuesday 9 February 2010?

Everybody is holding their breath till Tuesday 9 February 2010, when the Federal court declares who is the rightful MB for Perak. There will be two scenarios of what will happen when the court gives their verdict.

Scenario 1 - The Federal court declares Nizar as the rightful MB.

If Nizar is declared as the rightful MB, Zambry has many options to stay in power. He will call an emergency sitting of the Perak Assembly, where Hee Yit Foong, the deputy speaker will chair the sitting to table a motion of no confidence against Nizar and remove him as the legitimate Menteri Besar (They will not use BN assembly speaker Ganesan as he was not lawfully elected). Then Zambry will be re-appointed as the MB again.

Nizar will try to seek audience with the Sultan of Perak on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and ask the Sultan for the dissolution of the Perak Assembly. He will be hoping and praying that the Sultan is still in Perak during that time. If the Sultan agrees, then we will have an election. If the Sultan does not agree, then Nizar will be thrown out by the motion of no confidence at the Perak Assembly on Wednesday or Thursday.

Scenario 2 - The Federal court declares Zambry as the rightful MB.

Status quo maintains as of now where Zambry will cling to power till the next election.

So folks, whatever way the Federal Court decides, Zambry will still be the MB. Period

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