24 May 2009

An Ignorant Judge

Rasul Allah (saw) said: "Judges are of three types, two of them will go to hellfire and one type will go to paradise. The one who knows the truth and judges with it, he is in paradise. One who knows the truth but doesn't judge by it, will go to hellfire. The one who doesn't know the truth and judges between people with ignorance, will go to the hellfire" - narrated by Abu Daud and Termidhi.

We have seen from the series of judgments handed down recently; they were widely criticized as politically partisan resulting in various dubiosities and blatant disregard of constitutional provisions, judgment without proper or written grounds or judgment in indecent haste.

Judges must remember that they will one day stand before The Almighty and be counted of whatever judgements they make during this short worldly life. Hopefully they will ponder the above hadith.

May Allah save us all from the calamity of the hereafter.


IbnAbdHalim said...

But then like many among UMNO leaders, namely the fourth PM do not believe in the Hereafter, so are some of the judges.

zack said...

If they don't believe in the Hereafter, I am sure they believe in something, either it is the law of the Karma, or reincarnation or other super being.........