21 January 2009

Ezam the dreamer!

In Malaysiakini today, 

“As far as I’m concerned, my role is to basically tell the truth about Anwar...as a whole I can see positive impacts (from the exposure of a letter by Anwar),” Ezam said when contacted.

What positive impact? Hello Ezam, BN lost big in KT and that is not positive impact. In fact i would say you contribute to BN losing with a bigger margin.

“This letter was written after he was sacked and after he had strongly criticised Mahathir. From this letter, the nation and not just the people of Kuala Terengganu, can evaluate what kind of leader Anwar is,” he had said.

If KT voters reject BN even after you 'expose' the letter, what makes you think the nation agrees with you? You are living in dreamland and a sour grape.

Yesterday he said: “People have started being critical of Anwar after my exposure and the letter I revealed has raised questions not only among people in BN, but in Pakatan (Rakyat) too.

If people are critical of Anwar, why is PKR attracting more supporters in Sarawak and elsewhere?

“To me, anything to diminish Anwar’s influence is a (good) process but it cannot happen overnight.” Ezam said.

Yeah, we'll wait for another 1000 years!

But Anwar’s influence, according to Ezam, has “diminished” since and “Anwar is slowly losing support”.

Another win in KT and another step for Anwar to Putrajaya.

“You cannot take the Permatang Pauh by-election as a measure of his influence because that was his stronghold and the Sept 16 aura was still strong then" he said.

Well, you cannot take Permatang Pauh by-election as an indicator!, you also cannot take KT by-election as an indicator, then what more  indicators do you want?

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