10 December 2008

Templer Park: Another disaster waiting to happen

A few years back, if you were traveling towards Rawang using the old Templer Park road, surely you will enjoy the green scenery and cool weather as you make your way up the hill before going downhill to Rawang.

Nowadays the scenery is tainted by developments which are encroaching into the forest reserve. Along the left and right side of the road around Templer Park, developments of high end housing schemes are being build to cater for the rich. These houses are build along terraces cut from the hills and some are sitting smack below the cut slopes.

Maybe those rich buyers have the prudence and wits to secure millions of Ringgit buying their dream homes, but they do not have the sanity, rationality and good judgement, as their million Ringgit property is situated directly below the 100 feet cut slopes. It is a time bomb and a disaster waiting to happen similar to the ones in Bukit Antarabangsa.

Why does the Authority, in this case Majlis Perbandaran Selayang allows such developments on hillsides?. Who was the power that approved the forest reserves around Templer Park to be turn into development lands? We want to know who approved the projects and whether it was done according to rules.

Will someone in charge please do your work before another disaster struck.

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